The power of relationships

The Recom company in Ede, Netherlands is making the world greener, with targeted recycling and the latest composting machines. Whether for making soil improver or processing biomass, Recom knows what to do.

August 14, 2013

“Runs well, doesn’t it?” laughs Recom CEO Willem van Harten in front of a steadily growing pile of dark compost steaming brightly in the cold. Next to it is a Multistar L3 from Komptech that finely screens the compost. “We make a fine green cutting compost with a 10 to 20 mm grain. The L3 is simply indispensable for that.”
Compared to the trommels that Recom uses for its soils, according to van Harten the star screen gives a much better product. The throughput is also higher. Altogether, it added up to plenty of reasons to get the Multistar.

Starting with shredding
Naturally, the composting process at Recom starts with shredding. Thus far the company has used a service provider for this, but since volume is growing steadily, they are thinking about getting their own shredder to become more flexible. One option would definitely be a Crambo. “All of our experience with Komptech has been good. We’ve used a Hurrikan wind sifter for many years as well. Naturally our relationship with Pon Equipment, Komptech’s Benelux distributor, plays a role since we make more than green cuttings,” says van Harten referring to the many Caterpillar loaders supplied by Pon.

The future is plastic
The Multistar L3 is certainly not the only machine on the grounds. There are also several yellow wheel loaders and cranes. The loaders are used to load the start screen, while the cranes do other recycling work. Packaging waste is collected and processed in a hall, and there’s plenty of it. “These material streams are just going to grow,” says van Harten as he points to sacks full of packaging waste. “Little weight, lots of volume - a transportation challenge.”

Maintenance matters
While containers are loaded outside, in the workshop various machines are undergoing maintenance. Recom does its own service and maintenance. In the winter when not much is happening, the company also does special repairs. “We make use of the opportunity, and can do a lot ourselves. But if we can’t, or if there’s not enough time, we can always count on Pon Equipment and Komptech. That’s what makes this relationship so valuable.”