The right technology at the right place

Whether for organics, biomass or compost, Komptech offers the right processing technology for both recycling and energy extraction. The company is impressively showing what its machines can do at the Waste and Bioenergy Forum in Kassel and the Recycling Aktiv demonstration fair in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Press Release, January 09, 2017

It’s an anniversary year for Komptech - in 2017 the company is celebrating its 25th year. The fact that Komptech got started in 1992 was not entirely by chance, since that was the year that the province of Styria in Austria became one of the first in Europe to introduce separate collection of biodegradable waste. This created new material streams that needed processing in order reclaim valuable raw materials.

The fund of expertise Komptech has built up over the years is probably unique. From its origins in “just” composting technology - as the name Komptech would imply - the company has grown to cover everything from anaerobic digestion for energy extraction to the processing of woody materials for use as biomass fuel, and much more besides.

The best technology, the widest expertise, the most knowledgeable advice
In biomass, Komptech can offer entire processing lines: Axtor, Crambo, Multistar, Topturn, Hurrifex and Stonefex – from chipping, shredding, screening and turning to stone removal – that can handle many different feedstocks (like rootstocks or green cuttings) and turn out a perfect end product. Solid system and objective-specific consulting by Komptech is also part of its customer-oriented service range.

Recycling aktiv - a hands-on demo show
At the double demo fair Recycling aktiv & TiefbauLive (27 to 29 April) in Karlsruhe, Germany, Komptech will show the Crambo 5200 direct in conjunction with the new Multistar One. Waste wood processing is most effective in conjunction with this new star screen. A Crambo upstream of the Multistar One handles the shredding. The Multistar One then separates out a defined useful fraction while returning overlengths to the shredder. With a feed hopper for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with four meter discharge height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220°, the new Multistar One provides a throughput of up to 200 cubic metres per hour.

The current for the electric motors can come either directly from the grid or from a combination of additional hydraulic pump on the shredder and hydraulic generator on the Multistar One. With its very compact crane lift frame and variable conveyors for flexible setup plus electric drive, this new Komptech star screen is a most economical machine.

Komptech will also show the Axtor 6010. The Axtor line features some of the most flexible machines for biomass processing. In fast-running shredder mode with free-swinging blades, they produce material for composting. In chipper mode with fixed blades and at low speed they make biomass fuel for heating plants.

With ample 590 hp power, the Axtor 6010 is designed specifically for the medium to high output category. Among its important features are a low-emissions Caterpillar® diesel engine in a maintenance-friendly underfloor position, and above it a wide-area forward-facing feed with aggressive intake and high 100 cm clearance.

25 years of Komptech means 25 months of warranty
But that’s not all. Customers who buy a new mobile machine during the 25 Month Warranty campaign get a free warranty for 25 months or 2500 operating hours. The campaign starts 1 March and ends 31 August 2017. And that’s the way to celebrate an anniversary like this - with something for customers!