The world’s
getting greener

Lindum in Drammen, Norway and Komptech are a perfect fit. The goal of both companies is to make the world a little greener every day.

September 18, 2015

As is right and proper for a good Norwegian, in her leisure time Aud Helene Rosenvinge enjoys nordic skiing. In professional life she is Lindum’s composting and landfilling operations manager, with about 30 employees under her supervision. After work she studies biological composting processes at university, with worms as her speciality. And she’s also become a specialist in dark-green machines from Komptech.

Mega-strong, maxi-quiet
“We’ve used compost turners and star screens for years,” says Rosenvinge. “Thanks to Gitmark, Komptech’s Norwegian sales partner, we were able to test-run a new Crambo 5200 direct.” The new Komptech shredder did very well in these tests. “Thanks to the high throughput, we found that the specific consumption is substantially lower than with competitor products,” she says of the company’s findings in testing. “We quickly chose the Crambo 6200 on tracks.” The tracked chassis gives it the flexibility it needs at the sprawling Lindum facilty. “We also use it at other sites,” adds Rosenvinge, “so the machine needs to be mobile.” The Crambo shreds about 100,000 tonnes of green waste and waste wood each year. “Yet despite its high performance, it is considerably quieter than other machines. This lets us use it at sites near residential areas,” says Rosenvinge in praise of the low noise emissions of the new Crambo direct.

An unbeatable team
Rosenvinge is happy to work with Komptech. “We identify one hundred percent with their green efficiency® objectives. Like Komptech, we are ISO 14001 certified and make an effort to be environmentally responsible and save resources.” “We’ve been using Komptech machines for over seven years and have seven of them,” says Arnfinn Försung, who is in charge of the Lindum machine park. Recently people from Lindum and Gitmark came to Komptech’s Screening and Separating Competence Centre in Oelde, Germany, to take a look at the new Multistar L3. “The new design and numerous improvements are really impressive,” says Försung enthusiastically. Another way to make the world a little greener.