Komptech has grown into a global player,and its green machines are hard at work inover 50 countries on five continents. A good time to relax and take it easy?
There is no taking it easy in our industry, or in anyother. Green technologies are more in demand than ever, as the pioneering efforts of the last two decades have opened the way to huge potential. I have the impression that our industry has barely cracked open the door to the future, and that the full range of opportunities and possibilities remains to be discovered. For us at Komptech, this is naturally a very promising outlook.

A brief look back: What were the last few years like?
Our company has gone through a very exciting phase. As an owner-operated firm, in our early years we routinely developed new technologies in very close cooperation with our local customers. Those efforts contributed to the shift in attitudes towards waste as a valuable resource. It was during this period that the basic characteristics of our approach were formed, which today we call "green innovation." Pioneering product solutions that are focused on bringing benefits to our customers. We have continued to develop this approach over the years. When we present a machine at a trade fair or sell it to a customer, it has to be one hundred percent ready to work. That was our challenge of the last few years, which we have met quite successfully, thanks in large part to the help of our customers

And the outlook: What will the next few years bring?

We'll see even more green innovation. If we want to keep the planet liveable, we will have to change our ways - and very soon. That means reducing our use of fossil and atomic fuels and using resources more economically, so that we can keep the earth as it is. For there is no other place we can move to.

Where do you see the major challenges for Komptech over the next two years?

In the last few years we have taken a great number of new products to market in all of our business areas. Now we need to get them firmly established on the market. That will require a redoubling of our efforts in sales and marketing, and even greater practical and customer focus. To be successful in our increasingly international market, we simply must have a strong sales organization.

What are three things that are characteristic of Komptech?

Spirit, and an extreme focus on practice and on closeness to the customer.