Tradition and modernity

This year Komptech is celebrating its 25th anniversary. "There is no antidote to constant innovation” as Komptech founder Josef Heissenberger said, and this leitmotiv continues to guide the company’s development.

Press Release, March 06, 2017

It might be a coincidence, and it might not be. The new Topturn X4500 is a direct descendant of the machine that started the Komptech success story 25 years ago. With its Topturn compost turner, Komptech entered what was at the time the new category of separately collected organic waste treatment. Separate collection in that part of Austria was an innovative new development, and innovative is also something Komptech has never stopped being.

Rapid development and plenty of know-how
What began in a small workshop in Graz grew to become a global player in waste treatment. By 1997 Komptech had outgrown contract manufacturing in nearby Slovenia, so the company set up a new production facility in Frohnleiten that would also become its headquarters. The same year saw the launch of the Terminator and Crambo, followed in 1999 by drum screeners. Just four years later Komptech added star screens to the lineup. In 2006 ballistic separators were added to round out the company’s waste treatment portfolio. The sales organization grew apace. Whether in Spain, Japan, Australia, Iran or Canada, Komptech proved its mettle on international markets. In 2007 the company set up a sales subsidiary in the US while also establishing the Komptech Research Centre and the Komptech Academy in order to strengthen its ability to do own research and train users, partners and staff.

green efficiency: Sustainability as a way of life
With its entry into biomass processing in 2008, the company got into an important new field of endeavour. Chippers like the Axtor, launched in 2011, had become ubiquitous on the market. The green efficiency innovation program that Komptech started in 2013 is much more than just environmentally sustainable technologies. It is sustainability as a way of life, one of the company’s core values. And these values have only gained in strength. In 2015 the Hirtenberger Group became Komptech’s majority shareholder, adding more resources to further drive development. With over 4000 Komptech customers in some 60 countries, the innovation ethic of Josef Heissenberger has proven itself many times over. And for Komptech it naturally also means no standing still or resting on its laurels, but continuing to forge ahead. 

25 Month Warranty offer for all mobile machines
For its 25th anniversary, Komptech has come up with something special. Customers who buy a new mobile machine during the campaign get a free warranty for 25 months or 2500 operating hours. The campaign starts 1 March and ends 31 August 2017. And that’s the way to celebrate an anniversary like this - with something for customers!