Well prepared for the RDF game

At the t+t plant in Slovakia, a team of Komptech machines is ready to face any challenger.

January 22, 2013

RDF stands for Refuse-Derived Fuel. Figuratively speaking, it’s the ball that goals are made with. If you can make high-quality RDF, you win - or at the very least, you can do good business. The t+t company in Žilina, Slovakia has taken an RDF plant into operation with a strong team of machines that can face up to any contender. All wear green, and all are from Komptech: Terminator, Flowerdisc, Multistar, Ballistor, Rasor.

Concrete customer
From mixed household waste they create a premium RDF - no easy matter for standard machines, but no problem at all for these top-shelf Komptech players. The main customer is a company called ecorec, which delivers it to the Holcim cement works in Rohožník.

Pioneers team up
Two years ago, two pioneering companies got together here - t+t and Komptech. Their shared vision of modern resource and waste management led them to team up, and they quickly planned, built and commissioned the Žilina RDF processing facility. Now, in Dolný Hricov a Terminator 3400 S, Flowerdisc, Multistar 2-SE, Ballistor 6300 and Rasor 5400 run twelve hours a day to turn customers’ household waste into products t+t can sell at a profit. Plant director Juraj Hollý and manager Miloš Durajka together bring 50 years of experience to bear.

Bad times for landfills
The new facility means slimmer pickings for landfills in Slovakia. Landfill space is already scarce, and in any case landfilling untreated waste is increasingly seen as an environmental problem, even though it is not yet prohibited in this country. But pressure from Brussels to comply with the European landfilling directive, and the introduction of a landfill tax, will make it easier for t+t to turn its pioneering role into a profitable one.