We’re making Cyprus green

Currently there are 117 official waste dumps on Cyprus. Environmental organizations put the figure at over 200 if unofficial dumps are included. These dumps emit gases, burn, and deface the landscape. The tourists who flock to the island every summer put it at the top of per-capita waste amounts, at 778 kg per person per year. Something has to change, and Komptech is helping it happen.

September 21, 2011

An on-site look takes us to Larnaka, with some 80,000 inhabitants the fourth-largest city in the Greek southern part of the island. Komptech recently delivered 12 machines here – stationary drum screens, star screens, Terminator shredders, ballistic separators and a Topturn windrow turner.

Ambitious targets
Since beginning operations on 1 April 2010, the mechanical-biological treatment plant Larnaka has run many thousand tonnes of household waste through the Komptech machines. Of the 100,000 tonnes, 20,000 tonnes of material have been recycled to manufacturers, and another 16,000 tonnes have been professionally composted into water vapour and biogenic carbon dioxide. The rest was landfilled as largely inert material in the new Larnaka landfill, built to European standards. The plant operator Helektor S.A. is working hard to convert a high amount of the input into refuse-derived fuel for the island’s industrial incinerators. When running at full capacity, the company plans to process and stabilize or reuse 200,000 tonnes of household waste per year.

Sustainable improvements
So the situation on Cyprus is improving. The number of dumps is declining. To make proper waste disposal economical, collection fees for households have been raised to a European level, so the machines can work for the country and its people. Quality of life will increase and the environment will improve, and regain some of its original beauty.