Expansion with used machines

EZB AG is an established disposal company that offers top performance at fair prices. EZB operates used machines from Komptech. Founder and co-owner Tobias Zurfluh explains how the machines positively influence the growth of the company.


EZB AG was founded on 1 April 2004, and Tobias Zurfluh has been with the company from the beginning as deputy CEO. The company started out with a truck and 30 skips (dumpsters). Since then it has expanded to three locations, 20 trucks, 1600 skips and 80 compactor containers.

The daily challenges can be met only with a functioning team, and Zurfluh praises the good team spirit in the company: “I’m very proud of the EZB. Our focus is on people. We try to offer a pleasant working environment that attracts great people who identify with the company.” Camaraderie isn’t just talked about at the company, it’s part of the culture. “I think it’s really great that on particularly tough days everybody rolls up their sleeves, and then at day’s end we all toast a job well done,” says Zurfluh.

Space-saving and available quickly

EZB uses a pre-owned Komptech Terminator. Tobias Zurfluh has long thought highly of the Terminator. This single-shaft shredder is ideal for combustible waste. EZB chose the used machine partly because of its fast availability, and partly because of its price, which was substantially lower than for a new machine. Zurfluh likes the stationary electric version for its lower energy costs compared to a diesel machine, and for its very compact dimensions.

The configuration with separate drive unit, which allows the drive to be placed in a closed chamber underneath the machine, was a key criterion, since space is at a premium at the disposal site. “Although it was a used machine, Komptech was able to deliver a custom solution with reversible discharge conveyor and long ejection conveyor,” says Zurfluh of the procurement of the pre-owned Terminator, and adds, “We didn’t want to interfere with daily operations more than necessary, so we kept the installation time as short as we could. It meant some long days, but ultimately we were able to stay within the allotted time window.”


Preparation and operation

Preparations started well ahead of time, as Zurfluh relates: “Adapting the electrical connection was the biggest challenge. Requirements have been tightened in recent years, so costly modifications to the feed were necessary. For connecting a big electrical system like this, you need to work with a systems engineer, not an electrician.”

Zurfluh describes the Terminator’s application area as follows: “It mostly shreds combustible waste. This brings a price advantage when delivering to a waste incineration plant. Once in a while we also shred bulky carton, like very heavy tubes or very large boxes.”

With a rental machine we can bridge the time until a new or used machine is delivered.

Tobias Zurfluh

Fast reaction

In addition to used machines, Zurfluh is also interested in the rental machine procurement model. “With a rental machine we can bridge the time until a new or used machine is delivered,” he says. EZB has a good opinion of the relationship with GETAG for customer service. “GETAG is a dependable partner that is there for us even when things aren’t going as they should. Plus, with the Fulenbach location we’re close enough that they can react quickly.”

Sustainability was a big consideration in the decision for a shredder. “Wherever possible EZB chooses – for example – electric machines like electric forklifts and now this ‘new’ shredder. As a disposal and recycling company, we want to reclaim as much of the recyclables as we can from the material that comes to us. So we continue to do manual sorting. The idea is to minimize the percentage of the material that ends up being incinerated.”