Green Boost: Our solution for your success

From the 24th to the 25th of June the Technology Days took place. The program for our customers and partners included demonstrations of the latest machine technology as well as the exchange of experiences and ideas.


Under the motto ‘GREEN BOOST: Our solution for your success’ the first Komptech Technology Days were held 24-25 June at our plant in Ljutomer, Slovenia, followed by the Partner Days in southern Austria. Both events shared the same goal – to provide our customers with the best solutions


Technology Days: A state-of-the-art production plant and the latest in machines

Around 130 customers and 85 partners from across the globe attended the Technology Days event. The focus was on presenting Komptech as a solution provider. New business models, innovations on the product side, and new possibilities afforded by digitalization were discussed in depth at multimedia info corners. Also on the agenda were detailed insights into the expanded production plant, with modern welding robots and a semiautomatic painting system that bring it to the leading edge of technology. The practical part of the event featured demonstrations of the Axtor 4510, Terminator Type V, Crambo 5200 direct, Multistar L3 and Metalfex, along with detailed looks at the machines with the developers.

The event provided customers with a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas with each other, as well as talk to distributors and the manufacturer. The two hot but exciting days also featured Slovenian cuisine, live music and cool cocktails.


At their core, the events are about appreciation for what our customers do.

Ewald Konrad

Partner Days: International knowledge exchange for even more customer focus

Our distributors got an even deeper understanding of our strategy and individual business areas during the subsequent Partner Days in neighbouring Styria in southeastern Austria. A visit to a vineyard including tractor taxi provided a link to the region and its traditions. The commonalities and differences among our national markets were thoroughly discussed in workshops and talks deep into the night.

All told, around 30 countries from 4 continents were represented at the Technology and Partner Days. ‘At their core, the events are about appreciation for what our customers do. They’re the ones who make the world a little bit greener every day,’ said Sales Director Ewald Konrad. CEO Heinz Leitner summarized the events with a look ahead: ‘The intensive discussions with customers helped us understand their current challenges better. We will continue to develop targeted solutions so that we continue to delight our customers in future, just as we do now.’