Higher efficiency with new machines

Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH (Halle Water and City Utilities) does its waste wood and green cuttings shredding with new machines from Komptech. The machines are also used for processing bulky waste and cardboard tubes.


For Burkhardt Jänicke of Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft, two factors played a major role in the decision to buy new as opposed to used machines. “A new machine offers the advantage that everything is new and there are no hidden defects due to wear, as can be the case with used machines. Plus, you can get a warranty or an extended warranty with maintenance agreement, which is not as easy with used machines. Since we run machines continuously for long periods, rental was not an option for us.”  

Continuous improvement

Companies continuously improve, and so do Komptech machines. Innovations and new machine generations enter the market one after another. In this way Komptech serves its clientele as a solution provider. “It doesn’t have to be the latest generation, if the existing machine is established and proven,” says Jänicke, adding, “Still, new models often offer additional options and add-ons, for example data transfer per GPRS. Further, as machines are improved they typically become more efficient, which is also the basic intention of our company.”

The GPRS tool is Komptech’s Connect! condition monitoring system, and is already in frequent use helping to further improve company processes. “It’s a practical way to see the machine condition and monitor it using selected data. It’s a useful tool that makes plant operation simpler and more transparent,” says Jänicke.


The machines are tough and well-designed, and the customer service leaves nothing to be desired.

Burkhardt Jänicke

Convinced by test demos

Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH was already using a Crambo, and has now decided to buy a new Terminator. “Based on our requirements, only a few machines made it to the shortlist. In a bid tender, Komptech came through as the best bidder with the Terminator. We’ve had very good experience with the Crambo, and saw convincing test demonstrations of what the Terminator can do,” explains Jänicke.
New questions and situations also keep turning up during ongoing operation.

Burkhardt Jänicke feels ably assisted: “The machines are tough and well-designed, and the customer service leaves nothing to be desired. They really are a solution provider.”