System engineering - a customized process

In March 2015 the waste treatment authority Symevad and the Hantsch company began construction of a new organic waste treatment facility in Vitry en Atrois (Northern France) for 32,000 tonnes of green waste per year.



Since 2006 the mission of Symevad has been to implement an ambitious and coherent policy of treatment and recovery of the waste produced of more than 325,000 inhabitants by the almost 100 member municipalities in its territory located in the north of France.

An innovative process with guaranteed results

The Hantsch solution consists of striking the right balance between pre-compost olfactory stabilization and biomass drying, through slow grinding and three weeks of bio-drying.

Alan Guegan, engineering director of Hantsch, describes the process: “After pre-heating with oxygen-driven aeration, we screen the material into three fractions whose particle sizes are adjustable to the needs of the market. The wood is then easily cleaned of its impurities and the stabilization of the non-odorous fine fraction is completed by mechanical turning. Our technology adapts to the variability of plant waste, anticipating regulatory changes in the biomass market. All this is achieved while producing up to 22 percent per year of clean dry wood, and without any odour nuisance for residents.”

To limit effluent release, the wastewater is filtered biologically in reed beds. The Hantsch solution together with the Komptech machines have resulted in a simple and robust process, adaptable to seasonal variations of green waste and aimed at producing a quality fuel free of undesirable ingredients, and a perfectly stabilized compost.


The four steps

  1. Shredding: A Crambo 5000SE equipped with a biobasket XL shreds the input. Ferrous metal is removed by an overband magnet.
  2. Intensive composting: The shredded material is dried for three weeks in eight BIODOMES® tunnels equipped with aeration slabs and ventilation system.
  3. Screening: This step is carried out by a Multistar XL SE star screen to extract two wood fractions and the compost in a single pass.
  4. Composting: The material is turned by a Topturn X63 windrow turner.