The Task at Hand

Compact technolgy with wide range of application

This compact system can be used to prepare various classes of waste wood for thermal or material reclamation. A gripper crane moves the wood to the feed hopper of the Crambo low-speed shredder. Unlike a high-speed shredder, it is very resistant to contraries. A magnetic separator over the conveyor pulls metals out of the shredded material stream. 

A Multistar 2-SE or 3-SE star screen is used to obtain the screen cuts desired by the customer. Automatic return of the overlengths by conveyor to the shredder reduces filling time and costs. Bypass capabilities and further treatment steps (like non-ferrous separation) make it possible to configure the system exactly for the customer’s needs.

  • Process Steps


    The process starts with the Crambo low-speed dual-shaft shredder. The teeth and screen basket size are configured for the input material and desired end product. The objective is a homogeneous shred with the lowest possible amount of fine fraction, and a steady supply to downstream machines.

  • Process Steps

    Metal separation

    Metallic contraries in the output product are not desired. An overband magnet pulls ferrous metal items out of the shred stream. It is installed in the line of material flow, for maximum effectiveness.

  • Process Steps


    Depending on requirements, a Multistar star screen is used to generate two or three fractions. If only the oversize or fine fraction needs to be removed, the Multistar 2-SE is the answer. If both need to be separated, a Multistar 2-SE or 3-SE is used, in both cases based on the principle of  first coarse, then fine screening. Note that because the upstream shredder is low speed, the fine fraction will be much smaller than with high speed shredders.

  • Process Steps

    Material return

    To keep processing costs as low as possible, the overlengths left after screening are taken by conveyor back to the Crambo shredder’s feed hopper. Wood stays in the process until it reaches the degree of shredding defined by the screen setting.

  • Process Steps


    Reversible conveyors before the star screen make it possible to shred the wood (or other materials) just in the Crambo. Another frequent addition is an eddy flow separator to remove non-magnetic metals.

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