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The Axtor is one of the most versatile machines anywhere for processing wood and green cuttings. With a 462 HP engine and a total weight under 19 tonnes in the trailer version, the new Axtor 4510 is a perfect fit for the requirements in the entry-level and medium-capacity categories. If more is needed, there is the powerful Axtor 6210 with 585 HP. With it, throughput of 300 cubic metres per hour and more is possible.

Compact dimensions and high flexibility also make the Axtor ideal for subcontractors. Whether green cuttings, waste wood or trunks, through its ability to work in shredder or chipper mode the Axtor always delivers the desired product. Other features of the Axtor series are a wide feed area with tilt hopper, tough and aggressive intake system, and roomy service platform with excellent access to engine and drum for maintenance.

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Advantages at a glance


Large 4.15 m long x 1.43 m wide feed area with tilt hopper

Komptech plus
Komptech plus

Active intake with tough sectional steel conveyor and very large intake opening


2 modes - shredder or chipper

User friendly
User friendly

Ideal maintenance access to engine and drum

  • Highlights

    Plenty of room

    The feed hopper is sized to be a perfect match for the machine’s performance. Over 4 metres long, almost 1.5 metres wide, and just 2.2 metres loading height - these dimensions mean stress-free work. For long logs the movable hopper opens in the front, and it can also be opened for better feeding of other materials.

  • Highlights

    Ready for big things

    The combination of large intake opening and aggressive intake roller makes for easy feeding of bulky items. The 1.1 m drum diameter and ideally positioned counter-cutter give a power-saving cut geometry, which translates to high performance and perfect chip output quality.

  • Highlights

    Shredding or chipping

    In shredder mode, there is a free-swinging tool in each tool mount, optionally with disposable blades (right in the pic). In chipper mode, there is a fixed tool holder in each position that can take chipper or shredder blades (left).

  • Highlights

    Clean performance

    The engine with its 340 kW (4510) or 430 kW (6210) output has the ideal power profile for the machine, and naturally meets the latest emissions standards.

  • Highlights

    Man and machine

    The operating panel on the machine has a colour display that clearly shows all functions and the operating status. Colour-coded graphics help the user quickly locate the right controls for each function.

  • Highlights

    Maintenance made easy

    The central service platform can be accessed effortlessly by the integrated ladder after opening the side doors. From there all maintenance work on the drum and engine can be done easily and safely, as can screen basket changes.

  • Highlights

    Perfect chips

    A special chipping drum makes the Axtor a full-blooded chipper. Massive chipping blades, widely adjustable advance, and a full selection of screen baskets leave nothing to be desired in terms of the grain size and quality of the chips.

  • Highlights

    Mobility the way you want it

    In addition to the central-axle trailer version, the Axtor is also available with a tough tracked chassis for soft ground or high mobility at the use site.


4510 6210
Diesel engine CAT® C9.3B
Power (kW/HP) 340/462 430/585
Shredding unit
Tool mountings 32 32
Drum rpm 460 / 912 460 / 912
Drum width (mm) 1550 1550
Drum diameter (mm) 1100 1100
Material feeding
Feed table length (mm) 4155 (3600 active) 4155 (3600 active)
Feed table width (mm) 1430 1430
Feed table height (mm) 2250 2250
Feeder opening height (mm) 850 850
Feeder opening width (mm) 1430 1430
Material discharge
Conveyor belt width 1200 1200
Max. discharge height Trailer (mm) 4500 4500
Max. discharge height Track (mm) 4380 4380
Transport length Trailer (mm) 9980 9980
Transport width Trailer (mm) 2497 2497
Transport height Trailer (mm) 3700 3700
Transport length Track (mm) 8390 8390
Transport width Track (mm) 2497 2497
Transport height Track (mm) 3580 3580
Trailer dependent on equipment (~t) 19 21
Track dependent on equipment (~t) 21 23
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) 240 310

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