Dual-shaft shredder for wood and green waste

The Crambo direct is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green cuttings. Two slow-running drums with shredding tools minimize fine particle and noise/dust emissions, and resist contraries. The particle size is configurable by simply exchanging screen baskets.

The drive train of the Crambo direct combines the functionality of hydraulic drive with the efficiency of mechanical drive. That means top economy, while retaining all product benefits like overloading protection, reversibility, adaptation to the material etc. A modern operating console and convenient access to all maintenance points makes everyday work very easy.

mechanical drive diesel Green efficiency

Advantages at a glance


Large feed area with aggressive feed with counter-rotating shredding drums


Mechanical drive for top economy and functionality

User friendly
User friendly

Slow-running operation minimises noise and dust emissions

Your choice
Your choice

Variable particle sizes through simple screen basket change

  • Highlights

    Ready for anything

    In the extra-large shredding chamber, two 2.8 m counterrotating toothed drums ensure positive feed. From bulky branches and cuttings to rootstocks of any size to used wood contaminated with contraries, it shreds everything down to a defined particle size.

  • Highlights

    Particle size as desired

    The degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly, either by changing the screen basket, or even more conveniently by changing the entire screen basket cartridge - and the machine is ready for a new job. The optional Bio-Basket XL lets operators get more fuel product out of green cuttings, while reducing their own fuel consumption in the process.

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    Top drive efficiency

    The Crambo direct has a mechanical drive with automatic load-dependent gear shifting. That means top economy while retaining all functional benefits like overloading protection, reversibility and two shredding speeds.

  • Highlights

    Simple and logical control

    The new operating panel uses symbols that are clearly understandable without text. The menu guidance follows a logic any user can understand, and the screen shows all machine functions graphically. This virtually precludes operator error.

  • Highlights

    Do maintenance on the machine, not in it

    With the new exterior design, all maintenance can be performed from outside the machine. Easily opened doors give easy access, and fold-out platforms provide a safe footing.


4200 direct 5200 direct 6200 direct
Typ CAT® C9 CAT® C13 CAT® C18
Power (kW/HP) 242/330 328/446 (3b, T4f)
354/480 (3a)
Shredding unit
Drum drive mechanic mechanic mechanic
Max. Drum rpm (min-1) 1. gear: 18
2. gear: 28
1. gear: 23
2. gear: 34
1. gear: 29
2. gear: 44
Drum length (mm) 2820 2820 2820
Drum diameter (mm) 610 610 610
Material feeding
Filling height Hook (mm) 2588 2588 2588
Filling height Trailer (mm) 2997 2997 2997
Filling height Track (mm) 2898 2898 2898
Material discharge
Discharge height 35° Hook (mm) 3842 3842 3842
Discharge height 35° Trailer (mm) 4250 4250 4250
Discharge height 35° Track (mm) 4151 4151 4151
Transport length Hook (mm) 7290 7290 7290
Transport width Hook (mm) 2450 2450 2450
Transport height Hook (mm) 2766 2766 2766
Transport length Trailer (mm) 9065 9065 9065
Transport width Trailer (mm) 2450 2450 2450
Transport height Trailer (mm) 3367 3367 3367
Transport length Track (mm) 6940 6940 6940
Transport width Track (mm) 2854 2854 2854
Transport height Track (mm) 3268 3268 3268
Hook (~t) dependent on equipment 21.7 22.0 22.4
Trailer (~t) dependent on equipment 24.0 24.3 24.7
Track (~t) dependent on equipment 25.1 25.4 25.8
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (t/h) 55 80 120

Green Efficiency

Green Efficiency

green efficiency® by Komptech is an innovation programme that gives our machines lower consumption and higher performance, and uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies. The reward is twofold: Our customers save on operating costs, and the environment - and with it all of us - benefits from reduced CO2 emissions and resource use. 

Innovations in detail
  • Mechanical drive with functionality of a hydraulic drive Advantage: Up to 35% lower fuel consumption than diesel-hydraulic machines, savings of about 250,000 kg CO2 equivalent and 90,000 litres of fuel (assuming 5000 operating hours)
  • Up to 40 % higher throughput than comparable machines
  • Diesel engine with current exhaust technology (SCR) to level 3b or 4 Advantage: Reduced harmful emissions (fine particulates and nitrous oxides)
  • Newly designed engine compartment with maintenance access points on the outside Advantage: Extremely service and maintenance-friendly, for lower maintenance costs
  • Fast exchange system for screen basket cartridge Advantage: Change of output particle size within 10 minutes
  • Improved drive components and new acoustic design for engine compartment Advantage: Reduced noise emissions

Less consumption

50 t

CO2 reduction per year

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