Mobile stone and light material separator

The new Hurrifex combines a stone separator and wind sifter in a single machine. This makes it possible to clean compost and biomass fractions of stones and light materials - primarily plastic film - in one pass. Easily adjustable separation parameters give the Hurrifex a wide range of applications, and a separation efficiency of more than 90 percent.

All components are electrically powered, from grid power or with the on-board diesel generator. Maintenance doors in the cladding provide full access to all maintenance positions. In addition to the stationary version, there are mobile centre axle trailer and semitrailer versions.

mechanical drive diesel electric Green efficiency

Advantages at a glance


Combined unit with savings in space, materials and transportation effort compared to two separate machines


Wide range of uses with simple operation and high availability

Komptech Plus
Komptech Plus

Separation efficiency of more than 90% at throughputs of 60m³/h

More business
More business

Low energy costs due to electrical drive of all components

  • Highlights

    Physics makes it possible

    Differences in density and air resistance coefficient are the basis for separation of stones and inert items. Turning and air-flow-through the material are decisive factors for efficient removal of light items by suction.

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    Saving with hybrid technology

    The power for the electric drives can come either from grid electric power or the optional built-in diesel generator. The suction and conveyor fans are optimized and have a low power requirement.

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    The Hurrifex is designed for material grains from 10…20–150 mm. It has the same function as a Stonefex and a downstream Hurrikan S with a throughput of over 60 m³/h at a separation efficiency of over 90 %.

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    Reliable discharge

    Stone fraction discharge is by a conveyor with corrugated sidewalls, light items are moved into two containers by a flexible duct. The flow of the material to be cleaned is straight, with no 90° turns. This greatly reduces the danger of blockages.


Diesel generator (kV/A) 60
Material feeding
Filling width (mm) 1200
Filling height (mm) 2800
Material discharge
Max. discharge height inert fraction (mm) 2500
Max. discharge height clean fraction (mm) 3100 (Semitrailer: 3650)
Transport length Trailer (mm) 12000
Transport width Trailer (mm) 2550
Transport height Trailer (mm) 4000
Transport length Semitrailer (mm) 13900
Transport width Semitrailer (mm) 2550
Transport height Semitrailer (mm) 4000
Dependent on equipment (~t) 14
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) 60

Green Efficiency

Green Efficiency

green efficiency® by Komptech is an innovation programme that gives our machines lower consumption and higher performance, and uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies. The reward is twofold: Our customers save on operating costs, and the environment - and with it all of us - benefits from reduced CO2 emissions and resource use. 

Innovations in detail
  • Combination of two separate machines in one unified design Advantage: Savings in space, materials and transportation effort and investment compared to two separate machines
  • Electrical drive of all components (fans, conveyors) Advantage: Substantially lower energy consumption and maintenance costs than machines with hydraulic drive
  • Hybrid drive: Energy can be sourced from the grid or generated with the on-board diesel Generator Advantage: Up to 25% lower energy costs when running with the diesel generator, up to 75% lower energy costs when using grid power
  • Discharge system with corrugated edge conveyor Advantage: Lower power needed by the system, contributing to lower energy costs

Less consumption

16 t

CO2 reduction per year

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