Non-ferrous and ferrous metal separator

The Metalfex adds a mobile non-ferrous metal separator to the Komptech line. Designed for conveyor feed, the Metalfex has its own intake conveyor and an overhead ferrous separator upstream of non-ferrous separation. It removes non-ferrous metals using an eddy current separator with eccentric pole system, discharging the metals and the cleaned fraction by two folding conveyors to the left and right of the machine.

All components are electrically powered, from the on-board diesel generator or from grid current. The Metalfex is available in compact hook lift, easily manoeuvrable two-axle trailer or mobile site chassis versions.

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Advantages at a glance

Built to last
Built to last

Tough construction for up to 300 mm grain materials

Komptech plus
Komptech plus

High-performance non-ferrous separator unit with 1.95 m working width

Your choice
Your choice

Flexible mobility: hook, trailer or job-site chassis

More business
More business

Efficient electric drive by diesel generator or grid power

  • Highlights

    Wide application area

    The Metalfex can be used with shredded waste wood and bulk waste, industrial and commercial waste, household waste, mixed construction waste and shredder output. With its tough, powerful design, it can take input grain sizes up to 300 mm in an extremely wide range of materials.

  • Highlights

    Ferrous separation included

    A neodymium overbelt magnet over the intake conveyor to the non-ferrous separator conveyor gives effective removal of all ferrous parts, which can be chuted to the left or right as desired.

  • Highlights

    Precisely adjustable

    Non-ferrous separation is by an eddy current separator with eccentric pole system. The adjustable separating vertex allows it to be set precisely for the material at hand. The NF separator unit working width is 1.95 m.

  • Highlights

    Comfortable discharge

    The NF metals and cleaned fraction are output on two folding conveyors to the right and left of the machine. The 0.8 m wide belts can reach discharge heights of 2.3 to 3.15 metres, depending on the machine configuration.

  • Highlights

    Flexible power and mobility

    All components are electrically powered. Power is from the on-board diesel generator or the grid. The Metalfex is available in compact hook lift, easily manoeuvrable two-axle trailer or mobile site chassis versions.

  • Highlights

    Maintenance made easy

    Large access doors on both sides grant easy access to all maintenance points. Even a belt change of the NF separator is easy.


Diesel generator (kVA) 20
Material feeding
Filling width (mm) 1600
Filling height (mm) 3100
Non-ferrous separation
Type Eddy current separator
Working width (mm) 1950
Ferrous separation
Type Over belt magnet (Neodym)
Belt width (mm) 600
Material discharge
Hook, max. discharge heigth non-ferrous fraction (mm) 2300 (2800 with supports)
Hook, max. discharge heigth clean fraction (mm) 2300 (2800 with supports)
Trailer, max. discharge heigth non-ferrous fraction (mm) 3155
Trailer, max. discharge heigth clean fraction (mm) 3155
Transport length Hook (mm) 8185
Transport width Hook (mm) 2550
Transport heigth Hook (mm) 2600
Transport length Trailer (mm) 10510
Transport width Trailer (mm) 2550
Transport heigth Trailer (mm) 3455
Hook, dependent on equipment (~t) 11.5
Trailer, dependent on equipment (~t) 15
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) up to 160

Green Efficiency

Green Efficiency

green efficiency® by Komptech is an innovation programme that gives our machines lower consumption and higher performance, and uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies. The reward is twofold: Our customers save on operating costs, and the environment - and with it all of us - benefits from reduced CO2 emissions and resource use. 

Innovations in detail
  • Electrical drive of all components (separator units, conveyors) Advantage: Substantially lower energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Hybrid drive: Energy can be sourced from the grid or generated with a diesel generator Advantage: Up to 75% lower energy costs when using grid power, up to 25% lower energy costs when running with the generator

Less consumption

4.2 t

CO2 reduction per year

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