Mobile starscreen with overlength return

The Multistar One makes waste wood and biomass processing highly efficient. An upstream Crambo handles the shredding, and the One then takes care of separating out a defined useful fraction while returning overlengths to the shredder. With a feed hopper for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with 4 m cone height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220°, the One is ready to deliver up to 200 m³/h throughput.
The machine is built on a hook-lift frame, making it compact. The conveyors are designed for flexible positioning, while the low-wear screen deck and electric power ensure top economy.

mechanical drive diesel electric

Advantages at a glance

More business
More business

Optimization of waste wood and biomass shredding for the lowest operating costs


Efficient electric drive with power supply from the grid or the Crambo shredder

Komptech Plus
Komptech Plus

Production of standardized useful fractions by precise separation

User friendly
User friendly

Excellent maintenance access through service doors and easily removable flexible cladding

  • Highlights

    Controlled transfer

    The shredder discharge conveyor feeds material to the 2.5 cubic metre capacity feed hopper of the One. There, a scraper conveyor ensures controlled material transfer to the screen deck.

  • Highlights

    Proven layout

    The One has the proven structure and high-quality components of the Multistar series, with a tough box frame, flexible screening stars and Cleanstar cleaning system, screen deck drive by electric motors with frequency converter speed control, and much more.

  • Highlights

    Hook lift platform for mobility

    Built on a hook lift module, the machine has small dimensions and the requisite mobility for service providers or multi-site use.

  • Highlights

    Flexible energy supply

    The current for the electric motors can come either directly from the grid or from a combination of additional hydraulic pump on the shredder and hydraulic generator on the Multistar One.

  • Highlights

    A different kind of cladding

    Along with two maintenance doors, tough truck-grade tarp material protects components from dirt while saving weight and affording easy access.

  • Highlights

    High screening performance

    A 6 m² screen deck provides efficient, precise separation. Depending on the application and setup, throughput can be up to 200 cubic metres per hour.

  • Highlights

    Sure material return

    The screen overflow falls through a chute to the return conveyor. The conveyor swivels through 220° for high setup flexibility. With a cone height up to 4 metres, material return to any Komptech shredder is problem-free.

  • Highlights

    Minimal space requirements

    The One offers high operator convenience while space requirements are minimal through intelligent machine design.


Multistar One Multistar S3 Multistar L3 Multistar XL3 Multistar XXL2 Multistar 2-SE Multistar 3-SE
Diesel generator (kV/A) 45 75 60 60
Electrical power input (kW) 25 22 40
Screening Unit
Fine fraction (mm) 0/60...90 0/10...25 0/10...25 0/10...25 0/15…30 0/10...25
Medium fraction (mm) 10...25/60...90 10...25/60...90 10...25/60...90 25...60
Coarse fraction (mm) >60...90 >60...90 >60...90 >60...90 >15…30 >60...90
Fine screen area (m²) 3.9 7.3 6.8 11 7.2 7.0
Fine screen width (mm) 900 1230 1250 1600 1200 1200
Fine screen lenght (mm) 4250 5852 5450 7000 5985 5863
Coarse screen area (m²) 6.5 2.1 3.85 6.0 7.0 4.8
Coarse screen width (mm) 1450 900 1200 1200 1200 1200
Coarse screen lenght (mm) 4500 2400 3198 5000 5863 3998
Material feeding
Hopper volume (m³) 2.5 ~2.5 / 3.5 ~7 ~7 ~10 20
Filling length (mm) 2300 3100 3750 3400 4000
Filling height (mm) 2500/3000 2500 3450 3500 3200
Material discharge
Max. discharge height coarse fraction (mm) 3950 2300 2850 3230 3600
Max. discharge height medium fraction (mm) 2900 3500 3500
Max. discharge height fine fraction (mm) 4050 2300 3500 3100 2700
Transport length (mm) 8176 8200 11500
Transport width (mm) 2466 2450 2550
Transport height (mm) 2600 2560 4000
Transport length Semi-trailer (mm) 13600 11900 13700
Transport width Semi-trailer (mm) 2550 2500 2550
Transport height Semi-trailer (mm) 4000 4000 3900
Dependent on equipment Hook (~t) 9.2 10
Dependent on equipment (~t) 21 22 22
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) 200 100 250 300 500 250 250

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