Mobile star screen

The Multistar S3 is the entry-level member of Komptech’s professional star screen line. Designed expressly for the needs of lower to moderate volume users, the S3 combines low cost with a level of performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL class. Built on a hook lift module, it has small dimensions while still offering the requisite mobility for service providers or multi-site use. Like the higher capacity models, the applications range from compost to green cuttings to bark, chips and shredded waste wood. Similarly, almost all the options of the larger machines are available - wind-sifting of the medium fraction, screen deck variations, switch from 3 to 2 fractions, hopper extensions and much more.

mechanical drive diesel electric

Advantages at a glance

More business
More business

Low price without compromising on screening quality or performance

Komptech Plus
Komptech Plus

Separation into three fractions, optional with windsifting and Fe-separation - in one compact machine


High throughput with precise selectivity, even with moist materials

User friendly
User friendly

Quickly deployable with mounting on hook lift platform

  • Highlights

    The perfect start

    Low upfront costs don’t mean you have to forego performance or convenience. A large hopper with up to 3.5 m³ volume permits continuous loading. The 2.1 m² coarse and 3.9 m² fine screen decks are matched to it. The discharge conveyor height provides enough buffer capacity for smooth front loader use.

  • Highlights

    Always unclogged

    The screen units are continually cleaned by the most simplest and efficient patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system. Each star has a wear-resistant cleaning element that clears the screen gap to the surrounding stars on each rotation. So screening is always in season with Multistar star screens.

  • Highlights

    Saving with hybrid technology

    The power for the drives can come either from grid electric power or the optional built-in diesel generator. The use of grid power reduces energy consumption by up to 75% compared with diesel-hydraulic power.

  • Highlights

    A different kind of cladding

    Sheet metal panels with large access doors protect the drive components. Elsewhere, tough truck-grade tarp material protects components from dirt while saving weight and giving the machine a distinctive appearance. Rolling up the tarp sidewalls affords free access to all other components.

  • Highlights

    Semi-mobile with hook lift

    The substructure of the Multistar S3 is a standard hook lift frame. The machine can be transported easily by a 3 or 4-axle truck rated for 7 metre containers.


Multistar One Multistar S3 Multistar L3 Multistar XL3 Multistar XXL2 Multistar 2-SE Multistar 3-SE
Diesel generator (kV/A) 45 75 60 60
Electrical power input (kW) 25 22 40
Screening Unit
Fine fraction (mm) 0/60...90 0/10...25 0/10...25 0/10...25 0/15…30 0/10...25
Medium fraction (mm) 10...25/60...90 10...25/60...90 10...25/60...90 25...60
Coarse fraction (mm) >60...90 >60...90 >60...90 >60...90 >15…30 >60...90
Fine screen area (m²) 3.9 7.3 6.8 11 7.2 7.0
Fine screen width (mm) 900 1230 1250 1600 1200 1200
Fine screen lenght (mm) 4250 5852 5450 7000 5985 5863
Coarse screen area (m²) 6.5 2.1 3.85 6.0 7.0 4.8
Coarse screen width (mm) 1450 900 1200 1200 1200 1200
Coarse screen lenght (mm) 4500 2400 3198 5000 5863 3998
Material feeding
Hopper volume (m³) 2.5 ~2.5 / 3.5 ~7 ~7 ~10 20
Filling length (mm) 2300 3100 3750 3400 4000
Filling height (mm) 2500/3000 2500 3450 3500 3200
Material discharge
Max. discharge height coarse fraction (mm) 3950 2300 2850 3230 3600
Max. discharge height medium fraction (mm) 2900 3500 3500
Max. discharge height fine fraction (mm) 4050 2300 3500 3100 2700
Transport length (mm) 8176 8200 11500
Transport width (mm) 2466 2450 2550
Transport height (mm) 2600 2560 4000
Transport length Semi-trailer (mm) 13600 11900 13700
Transport width Semi-trailer (mm) 2550 2500 2550
Transport height Semi-trailer (mm) 4000 4000 3900
Dependent on equipment Hook (~t) 9.2 10
Dependent on equipment (~t) 21 22 22
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) 200 100 250 300 500 250 250

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