Single-shaft shredder for pre-shredding

The Terminator is a slow-running, single-shaft shredder for all types of waste. Robust teeth on the shredding drum and the opposing counter comb give coarse pre-crushing to a defined shredding size.

The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows precise setting of the particle size for subsequent process steps. The hydraulic drive with load-dependent speed control ensures maximum utilization of the engine output. The hook lift platform, 3-axle chassis and steel tracks with hydraulic drive options provide excellent mobility.

hydraulic drive diesel

Advantages at a glance

More business
More business

Teeth can be re-used multiple times for low wear costs


Variable particle size by adjusting cutting gap

Komptech plus
Komptech plus

Sturdy, contrary-insensitive pre-shredder with overload protection

Built to last
Built to last

Shreds even the most difficult materials

  • Highlights

    Everything possible

    The Terminator is able to shred the most difficult materials. Everything is shred to the desired particles size. Applications with drum/opposing comb system variants range from coarse pre-crushing to defined shredding.

  • Highlights

    Powerful and reliable

    The hydraulic drive provides the highest shredding power and prevents jamming and blockages - clearing by reversing is possible at all times. Overload protection prevents unshreddable contraries from ruining the tool elements.

  • Highlights

    Coarse or fine

    The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows tailoring of the produced particle size to subsequent usage. Completely swivelling of the counter comb provides perfect accessibility for maintenance of the shredding area.

  • Highlights

    Man and machine

    The new operating console with its big colour display makes it easy for new users to work with the machine, and gives pros many ways to optimize operation. Functions and operating status are shown with symbols and colour coding.

  • Highlights

    Loading made easy

    Load material into the big hopper - the machine does the rest. Hydraulic folding hopper sidewalls make the already generous shredding chamber even bigger, for a loading volume of up to seven cubic metres.

  • Highlights

    Get the iron out!

    The overbelt magnet is now mounted in a specially designed, steplessly adjustable holder that gives parallel positioning of the magnet over the discharge conveyor regardless of the conveyor slope. This gives the best possible separation performance in all working positions.

  • Highlights

    Within easy reach

    With the redesigned engine compartment, all maintenance can now be performed from outside the machine. Easily opened doors give access and fold-out platforms provide safe footing.


3400 3400S 5000 5000S 6000S
Type CAT®C9 CAT®C9 CAT®C13 CAT®C13 CAT®C18
Power (kW/HP) 242/330 242/330
Drum drive on both sides
328/446 (3b, T4f)
354/480 (3a)
328/446 (3b, T4f)
354/480 (3a)
Drum drive on both sides
Drum drive on both sides
Shredding unit
Drum length (mm) 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Drum diameter (mm) 1050 1050 1050 1050 1050
Max. Drum rpm 29 29 29 32 38
Material feeding
Filling height Hook (mm) 2596 2596 2596 2596 2596
Filling height Trailer (mm) 3005 3005 3005 3005 3005
Filling height Track (mm) 2906 2906 2906 2906 2906
Material discharge
Discharge height 35° Hook (mm) 3710 3710 3710 3710 3710
Discharge height 35° Trailer (mm) 4250 4250 4250 4250 4250
Discharge height 35° Track (mm) 4150 4150 4150 4150 4150
Transport length Hook (mm) 7290 7290 7290 7290 7290
Transport width Hook (mm) 2490 2490 2490 2490 2490
Transport height Hook (mm) 2905 2905 2905 2905 2905
Transport length Trailer (mm) 9120 9120 9120 9120 9120
Transport width Trailer (mm) 2550 2550 2550 2550 2550
Transport height Trailer (mm) 3360 3360 3360 3360 3360
Transport length Track (mm) 6940 6940 6940 6940 6940
Transport width Track (mm) 2855 2855 2855 2855 2855
Transport height Track (mm) 3265 3265 3265 3265 3265
Hook dependent on equipment (~t) 21.1 21.9 21.3 22.1 22.6
Trailer dependent on equipment (~t) 23.9 24.7 24.1 24.9 25.5
Track dependent on equipment (~t) 25.0 25.8 25.2 26.0 26.5
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (t/h) 45 50 60 80 100

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