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Low-speed single-shaft shredder for all types of waste icon Diesel icon Hydraulic

For even more versatile use there is now the Terminator xtron. It has a newly developed V-shredding unit that is suitable for all kinds of waste as well as wood and green cuttings. The improved hydraulic drive of the Terminator xtron delivers up to 40% higher drum torque, to shred even the most difficult materials.

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Key facts
80 Throughput (t/h)
328 Engine power (kW)
Weight (t)

The Terminator xtron uses the extremely versatile V shredding unit. The higher drum teeth give constant intake even with bulky waste or green cuttings. The larger outside diameter prevents wraparounds that would otherwise interrupt shredding.



To make sure it has also enough power for difficult materials, the Terminator xtron has a 40 percent stronger hydraulic system than the standard machine and optimized control technology. The powerful CAT C13 engine meets the latest exhaust standards, and delivers 446 hp to the dual-sided drum drive.


or fine

The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows tailoring of the produced particle size to subsequent usage. Completely swivelling of the counter comb provides perfect accessibility for maintenance of the shredding area.


made easy

Load material into the big hopper – the machine does the rest. Hydraulic folding hopper sidewalls make the already generous shredding chamber even bigger, for a loading volume of up to seven cubic metres.


Man and

The new operating console with its big colour display makes it easy for new users to work with the machine, and gives pros many ways to optimize operation. Functions and operating status are shown with symbols and colour coding


easy reach

With an optimally designed engine compartment, all maintenance can now be performed from outside the machine. Easily opened doors give access and fold-out platforms provide safe footing.



Technical data

Open all plus symbol
Engine plus symbol
Power (kW/HP)328/446
Drum drive on
both sides
Loading heights plus symbol
Loading height Hook (mm)2396
Loading height Trailer (mm)2996
Loading height Track (mm)2989
Discharge height Hook (mm, 35°)3842
Discharge height Trailer (mm, 35°)4250
Discharge height Track (mm, 35°)4151
Shredding unit plus symbol
Drum speed (rpm)max. 37
Drum length (mm)3000
Drum diameter (mm)1050
Weight* plus symbol
Hook (t)22.1
Trailer (t)24.9
Track (t)26
* dependent on equipment
Throughput plus symbol
Throughput (t/h)up to 80

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