Topturn X63

Self-propelled turner for triangular windrows icon Diesel icon Hydraulic

The Topturn X63 is designed for the most demanding tasks. With an intake width of up to 6 metres, the X63 achieves a turning capacity of up to 4500 cubic metres per hour. The combination of large drum with conveyor and thrower blades and the powerful drive ensures that the turner leaves the perfect windrow behind it as it goes.

The engine meets the latest emissions standards and the new cooling system keeps everything cool even under heavy loads and high outside temperatures. Further plus points are the comfortable cabin, the  automatic drive and the hydraulically extendible maintenance platforms for fast and easy maintenance.

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Key facts
4500 Throughput (m³/h)
287 Engine power (kW)
5.7 Windrow width (m)
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X 63
Drive plus symbol
Motor [-] CAT C13 T3/StageIIIA
Power [kW/PS] 287/390
Turning unit plus symbol
Drum diameter [mm] 1400
Drum speed [rpm] 0-195
Windrow dimesnions plus symbol
Windrow width [mm] 5700
Max. windrow height [mm] 2600
Windrow cross-section at 45° repose angle [m²] 8,1
Dimensions (Transport) plus symbol
Wheel [mm] 6155 x 2996 x 3635
Track [mm] 6155 x 2548 x 3607
Weight (Dependent on equipment) plus symbol
Wheel [t] 18
Track [t] 18,7
Max. throughput (Dependent on material) plus symbol
Throughput [m³/h] 4500

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