for tomorrow

Asking bigger questions, creating better opportunities

The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.



“Someday our grandchildren will ask us what we did with their future. We’re working on intelligent answers.”

– Josef Heissenberger, co-founder of Komptech

FAIR as a guiding principle

To meet both our aspirations as a company and our social responsibility, we developed our own CSR program: “FAIR” is a combination of “People-Planet-Prosperity” and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations – also known as Agenda 2030. Thus we combine our holistic approach with specific goals for promoting sustainable developments.


Consider it

Nature is the basis of our livelihood. We protect it so that the next generation can still experience it and live well.


Reach Sustainable goals

Through our goals and projects, we endeavor to support the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. We take steps to act more sustainably and with a long-term view.


Create new ideas

We support the innovative projects of our customers with our products, as well as with regard to social aspects. Through a variety of initiatives, our employees contribute to further development.


Act accordingly

We are developing our company sustainably. With the resulting stability and good results, we are fulfilling our responsibility towards our fellow humans and the environment.

Our driving force

Where there is waste, there is opportunity


The climate change caused by humans, the inadequate waste management on a global level, the rapid growth in the Earth’s population and the associated ever-rising demand for energy and raw materials are all placing the environment under increasing strain. To prevent these challenges from resulting in a hopeless situation, long-term solutions are required.

We therefore ask ourselves the question: What if we could use this waste, which most people deem worthless, as a resource worldwide and thus provide new opportunities?

Our machines and systems, as well as the services we offer and our sales capabilities, turn this idea into reality. Additionally, the Sustainable Development Goals are an integral component of our corporate strategy and serve as guideline for our further development.

Komptech cuts emissions

The ongoing reduction of our emissions and our energy-consumption is a very important issue for Komptech. We are taking action here for example by:

  • use of photovoltaics
  • use of district heating
  • projects concerning facility management
  • incentive systems for our employees

For details, please read our ESG-report.


Komptech compensates for emissions

Since 2021 Komptech has worked with Climate Partner, one of the leading companies in CO2 compensation. Here again we calculate our CCF (= Company Carbon Footprint) per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Climate Partner has particularly strict guidelines in some areas – for details, please read our ESG-report. Komptech compensates for unavoidable emissions by purchasing emissions certificates, entitling it to bear the “Certified Climate Partner” label. On the Climate Partner project page linked with the label or the associated code, information on the selected compensation project and the measures taken by Komptech can be accessed. With respect to compensation projects we consider it important that measures to improve future prospects be taken in all parts of the world.


SDGs as part of the core strategy

Based on our strategy and other measures, the goals were prioritized. Although we are making a contribution to each of the 17 goals, the main focus is on “affordable and clean energy,” “responsible consumption and production,” and “climate action.”

Core SDGs

Affordable and clean energy

In addition to using green electricity at all locations, as well as technologies with low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions, we are also developing electric versions of many of our machines. Together with our customers, we also contribute to the generation of refuse-derived fuels.


Responsible consumption and production

Promotion of the circular economy is something we focus on in numerous areas – from minimization of the wear and tear of tools, the development of long-lasting products, or the option of buying used machines. Additionally, our machines ensure higher recycling rates.


Climate action

Through various measures, such as reduction of diesel consumption, electrification of the machines, utilization of green energy and photovoltaics), we are working on reducing our CO2 emissions and that of our customers. The remaining emissions are compensated with CO2 certificates. Additionally, we promote the circular economy and save energy by means of waste-to-energy projects.


Example fields of actions


Whether in our cooperation with customers or our daily actions – we believe any opportunity could be the one that brings about the necessary change. It could be the one that helps to make the world a little greener and it could be the one that lets us grow, together.

01 Rental, used and remanufacturing

Komptech not only produces new machines and systems that treat materials in such a way that most of it can be processed for reuse, but also go beyond “recycle” by starting a step higher in the waste hierarchy, at “reuse” and “repair.” Regular machine servicing as well as the offer of used and rental machines significantly increases the service life of the machines and ensures that the resources are optimally used.

These measures turn the hitherto mostly linear material economy into a circular economy and provide our customers with opportunities for making waste recycling even better and more sustainable. That is not only good for society, but also for our environment.

02 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

It is important to us to make a contribution to environmental protection, not only through our products, but also through our actions.

Within the scope of the CO2mptech research project, we conducted a detailed analysis together with the Technical University of Graz to identify the main causes of CO2 emissions in the company. Thanks to targeted measures and purchasing of CO2 certificates to compensate those emissions that are currently still unavoidable, we achieved a neutral carbon footprint for the first time in 2021.

We are aware that compensation can only be an interim solution, which is why, in the future, we will continue to work on improvements for a more sustainable environment.

03 Continuous further development of the products

Many of our projects are aimed at optimizing the efficiency of our machines and to hybridize and electrify them. For example, the e-mobile series of the Crambo and Terminator achieves energy savings of up to 70%, while having a comparable throughput capacity. Research projects also contribute to reaching the goal: The Grind Smart! project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) focuses on optimizing the shredding process in order to reduce energy consumption and machine wear during shredding. The Rewaste 4.0 research project considers the overall optimization of the treatment processes to reduce the consumption of resources.

Digitization projects such as the introduction of Connect! or Assist! also increase the service quality and offers customers optimized job planning.

04 Focus on employees

Our employees turn chances into reality. We therefore consider them to be an important resource and invest in programs and initiatives for increasing satisfaction in the workplace.

The offers are very diverse: There’s the “Komptech in Motion” sport program, where employees meet to jointly participate in sports activities that are financially supported by the company, the fruit basket twice a week, the numerous training and education programs that promote life-long learning, as well as Instahelp for mental health support and the non-profit association We Care that provides financial aid in emergency situations such as private misfortunes, severe illness or complicated family situations.