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Crambo e-mobile

The Crambo is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green waste. The “e-mobile” series supplements the product range with semi-mobile, electric versions in which a maintenance-free electric motor replaces the diesel engine.

Crambo E-Mobile
Axtor 4510

The Axtor is one of the most versatile machines for processing wood and green waste. With an engine output of 462 hp and a total weight of less than 19 tons in the trailer version, the new Axtor 4510 exactly meets the requirements in the lower and medium performance range.

Topturn X

In windrow composting, regular turning is crucial for a proper process flow. With a product range tailored to the most common windrow sizes in practice-oriented equipment, the Topturn X is one of the world’s most frequently used windrow turners.

Topturn X

Asking bigger questions, creating greater opportunities

The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.


Because opportunity needs talent

The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.



9. September 2022

Komptech at IFAT India: Better value creation with mixed waste

Household waste has high recycling potential. But increasing the rate of material and energy
reclamation presents challenges for machinery producers and waste disposal companies.

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23. August 2022

New thinking in Indonesia

Three years ago the Indonesian government tasked Komptech with the development of a stationary facility design for processing solid waste for recycling, to be used at three locations. Now the machines are ready and the pilot projects can start.

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1. August 2022

No end in sight in Craców

Miki Recykling in Craców, Poland is a second-generation family-owned company that was founded 31 years ago. Today Karol Jakubowski guides the company’s fate.

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14. July 2022

ReWaste F: Intelligent waste treatment of the future

The four-year research program ReWaste F was launched in 2021 under the direction of the Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management at the University of Leoben.

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1. July 2022

Green waste pioneer: ‘Quality wins the contest’

A business relationship going back over 30 years links Netherlands company Baars to Komptech. With its composting operation, Baars is one of the pioneers in the processing of green waste into ‘Groencompost’.

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27. June 2022

Expert Interview with Prof. Roland Pomberger

Prof. Roland Pomberger and his team at the University of Leoben are researching the potential of waste management technology. We spoke to him about the trends in the waste management sector.

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24. June 2022

An important link in the value chain

Over the last 15 years, more than 3,000 landfill sites and disposal sites
have been closed. But there is still work to be done to meet the agreed
EU targets.

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23. June 2022

Opportunity: New direction for the Komptech Magazine

The latest Komptech Magazine is here in a whole new look. Now it’s called Opportunity, and has some new features.

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13. June 2022

This was IFAT 2022 in Munich

At this year’s IFAT in Munich, Komptech didn’t just show new machines, but also introduced its new brand presentation to a broad public.

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7. June 2022

The ideal solution for every use

The waste and recycling industry is dynamic. New business opportunities turn up, old ones disappear, and order volumes rise and fall.

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Higher efficiency with new machines

Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH (Halle Water and City Utilities) does its waste wood and green cuttings shredding with new machines from Komptech. The machines are also used for processing bulky waste and cardboard tubes.

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Expansion with used machines

EZB AG is an established disposal company that offers top performance at fair prices. EZB operates used machines from Komptech. Founder and co-owner Tobias Zurfluh explains how the machines positively influence the growth of the company.

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From help in a tight spot, to a long-term solution

Rent or buy? The decision is not always easy. The Oswald Hackl e.U. company has good things to say about Komptech’s combination rent to own model.

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25. May 2022


Komptech is presenting a number of innovations at IFAT in Munich. The high-performance shredder Terminator 5200 direct SL, Lacero 8010, and the latest generation star screen Multistar L3 will be presented as innovations.

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12. April 2022

Of rising demands and sustainable future plans

With the founding of Grüne Dienstleistungen SH, Sebastian Hein combined his passions for gardening and technology to meet the growing demand for processing of green and gardening waste.

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7. April 2022

Efficiency and sustainability with E-drive

Rising energy prices and new legal mandates on CO2 emissions are driving waste industry demand for mobile machines with electric drive.

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28. March 2022

Visit us at IFAT 2022

Sustainable solutions for waste and biomass processing are waiting for you at IFAT 2022 – we look forward to your visit!

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8. March 2022

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Equality and sustainability – two topics that are regularly the focus of attention in the 21st century, and that is for a good reason.

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31. January 2022

Never waste an opportunity – Komptech reveals new brand identity

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. That got us thinking: Are we still the same as we have been 10, 20, or even 30 years ago?

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11. January 2022

Waste handling at scale

Where “trash” used to be just dumped someplace, today every waste stream is treated individually. No less than 750 to 800 tonnes of residual waste arrive at the AHA Hannover waste treatment centre every day.

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22. December 2021

Christmas fundraiser

Once again, it is time to say thank you: thank you for your active support, your trust and the excellent cooperation we have experienced.

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7. December 2021

A terminator for every bin

Whether disposal, recycling or storage – for Marco Bologna of Sieco in Italy, the important thing is reliable processing of the waste that comes to the plant. Since a Komptech Terminator 5000 SD has been doing the preshredding, he’s had much less downtime and maintenance effort in his disposal operation.

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23. November 2021

A milestone in Ghana

Since 2018, Komptech has been active on the African market with great success. In cooperation with the Jospong Group, 14 mobile processing lines and the first stationary plant are in operation in Ghana, with a second under construction. In addition to machines, there is a local demand for waste processing knowledge.

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18. November 2021

Efficiency times three

USUM Grundstoffaufbereitung und Service GmbH in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany turns organic waste and wood into compost, and ash into lime fertilizer. When it comes to the efficient removal of contraries, USUM owner Sven Heinisch relies on the hat trick of Crambo, Maxx drum screen and Hurrikan S.

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4. November 2021

Rental machine vs. downtime

Energie AG Umwelt Service in Wels incinerates almost 300,000 tons of waste every year. In order to use the heat and energy generated from this as efficiently as possible, the entire city of Wels is supplied with district heating and electricity is produced. However, as the mechanical processing plant has to undergo an annual overhaul, a terminator is regularly rented from Komptech to ensure that there are no stoppages.

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23. August 2021

We’re always on call

When a customer in Austria has a problem with a Komptech machine, he puts in a call to Frohnleiten. This romantic little town in southeastern Austria is the home of Komptech Headquarters.

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11. August 2021

Market Watch: Ghana

In 2018, Komptech has received the first order from Ghana. With five mobile household waste processing plants worth 13 million euros, a recycling rate of over 60 percent and 200 clean and safe workplaces at each additional facility should be achieved.

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9. July 2021

E for Excellent

Our Partner Days, held from 22 to 24 June, were different this time. A small letter added to the name shows why: The Partner Days were held virtually, as e-Days.

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5. July 2021

Contaminants in organic waste

Komptech collaborates with Binder+Co in compost treatment

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16. June 2021

Tasmanian Topturn

As Dulverton Waste Management embarks on a three-stage facility upgrade, Project Manager Matthew Layton details stage one: the purchase of a Komptech Topturn X63.

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27. May 2021

Turning garbage into ex-garbage

Müllex-Umwelt-Säuberung-GmbH in southeast Austria handles commercial, business and residential waste from A to Z. For stationary and mobile shredding, the company uses two Crambos and two Terminators.

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4. April 2021

A green lion in switzerland

Led by Martin Leuenberger, Leureko AG is a familiar name in northwestern Switzerland, where they operate four composting plants plus a fermenting plant for biogas.

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4. March 2021

Service is the winning card

For 30 years GETAG Entsorgungs-Technik AG in Switzerland has been all about the more sustainable use of resources.

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28. January 2021

KI Waste: Image recognition for better waste processing

In the “KI Waste” project three well-known research institutes are investigating the use of artificial intelligence for analysing image data and image recognition in synch with time sequence data.

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19. January 2021

Green energy with crambo

In the biomass co-generation plant in Herbrechtingen, Germany, a Crambo e-mobile is hard at work shredding fuel. CEO Jürgen Wiedenmann explains why the semi-mobile electric Crambo is the ideal solution for him.

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7. January 2021

The goal is 100 megawatts

Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji entered the renewable energy market in 2014. Today the company is the Turkish biomass market leader, and operates several power plants. Crambo, Nemus and Axtor machines take care of the necessary fuel conditioning.

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17. December 2020

SOS-Kinderdorf donation

We don’t live in a perfect world. The year 2020 showed us this very clearly. However, it also reminded us of how important it is to help each other, especially during these times.

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14. December 2020

At work in Antarctica

To help support the research efforts of the National Science Foundation in Antarctica, a new Komptech Terminator single-shaft waste shredder will be used during the modernization of facilities at McMurdo Station.

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25. November 2020

Digital to success

The waste and recycling industry is in constant flux. The products on shelves today are the recycling challenges of tomorrow, and the quantities are not always predictable.

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30. October 2020

Successful Partnership

For almost 20 years Anlagenbau Günther and Komptech have had a successful collaboration that has resulted in many innovations in screening and separation technology. It’s good reason to extend the collaboration long-term and so drive the growth of star screening worldwide.

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30. September 2020

Rural regeneration from a sawmill

Tohsen Co., ltd., a leading Japanese sawmill company, works to make the fullest possible use of wood as a resource. It’s good for business, good for the environment, and good for the local economy.

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23. September 2020

The world is getting greener

European standards as a success model for waste management around the world

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2. September 2020

Komptech goes electromobile

The e-mobile versions of the Terminator and Crambo shredders expand Komptech’s line of mobile electric machines. They can be used indoors and outdoors, thus combining the advantages of stationary electrically operated systems, such as less noise and no emissions, with the flexibility of mobile machines.

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10. August 2020

Waste wood is something we’re good at

Waste wood includes industrial and used wood that must be collected and disposed of separately according to Germany’s Circular Economy Act (KrWG). In processing biomass and waste wood, efficient purpose-designed machinery is needed to get the best possible results from different input materials.

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5. August 2020

TOUR THE EUROPE: PART II The Axtor 4510 goes on a journey

After a successful journey of the new Axtor 4510 through Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland last year, Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy are on the plan this year. The machine is available for demonstrations.

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31. July 2020

Norway: Exemplary recycling

Municipal waste processing centres in Norway place their trust in machines from Komptech.

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1. July 2020

Maxx 518 & Nemus 620: The drum alternative

With the special Maxx 518 and Nemus 620 models, Komptech offers drum screens for users looking for cost-effective, dependable replacements for their original SM 518 and SM 620 drum screens.

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30. June 2020

Komptech Rental: All-round success

About three years ago Komptech launched Komptech Rental, and it has been a success all round. One example of this is the experience of Berlin entrepreneur Christian Büttner, who was able to get into a new line of business thanks to the programme.

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8. June 2020

Grind Smart!

Grind smart! has two objectives, both of which are linked with boosting energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

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3. June 2020

Jan Hes reduces fuel costs Green efficiency in perfection

The Jan Hes company in Egmond-Bakkum, NL has committed itself entirely to sustainability and resource conservation. For this contract service provider “thinking green” is routine when it comes to recycling wood, reclaiming energy from biomass, and using machines and labour capacity efficiently. The same goes for investments in new recycling equipment, and with Komptech Green Efficiency machines the company has significantly lowered its energy costs.

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21. April 2020

Efficiency with a ripple effect

Michigan is the land of long winters, long shorelines, and a long tradition of hard work. And hard work goes far in commercial mulch processing, especially for Michigan Wood Fibers, who produces 20 to 25 kinds of mulch in many different colors.

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24. March 2020

Longdistance relationship with OZ

It’s not just the product, it’s the complete package of machine, expert advice, dependable service and reliable spare parts availability that success is built on. For 10 years ELB Equipment has met and exceeded these requirements.

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9. January 2020

Higher capacity with the Nemus 2700

Kummeling Groen en Infra offers garden and landscaping services. Since the summer of 2018 Kummeling has therefore been using a new Nemus 2700.

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11. December 2019

Green waste & organics: collected separately

Green waste and organics – ever since these material streams have been collected separately in Germany, AKG Achauer has been an important player and frequently a development pioneer.

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28. November 2019

Norway: Compost for green roofs

Norwegian waste and recycling service provider Avfall Sør AS in Kristiansand sets standards in composting.

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9. July 2019

Green Boost: Our solution for your success

From the 24th to the 25th of June the Technology Days took place. The
program for our customers and partners included demonstrations of the
latest machine technology as well as the exchange of experiences and ideas.

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24. April 2019

A model for others to follow

Bianna Recycling completes construction of pioneering waste treatment plant in Querétaro, Mexico.

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17. April 2019


Ronny Edefall has run Ro Svets & Rep. AB in Kiruna in Sweden since 1992. It’s his job to keep the heat on when the mercury falls, here above the Arctic Circle.

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16. April 2019

In the far north

Ronny Edefall has run Ro Svets & Rep. AB in Kiruna in Sweden since 1992. It’s his job to keep the heat on when the mercury falls, here above the Arctic Circle.

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13. February 2019

A smart terminator

Industry 4.0 is making inroads into the waste industry. The goal is intelligently networked machines and systems that boost waste recycling efficiency. The ReWaste4.0 research project is looking ahead, and experimenting on processes that will be standard in the future.

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8. January 2019

Stars in alignment

Award-winning Hadfield Wood Recyclers, one of the UK’s oldest and largest wood recyclers, relies on Komptech star screens.

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3. January 2019

Simply the best technology

Don’t let the name mislead you. Nowadays “Komptech” stands for much more than just composting technology. The following two examples show that a Komptech drum screen like the Nemus can also be an asset for mineral screening, despite or perhaps because of its “greenness.”

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13. November 2018

Out of the shop and into the black

Green Care Mulching boosts its bottom line by replacing breakdown-prone high-speed grinders with dependable Crambos.

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31. October 2018

System engineering – a customized process

In March 2015 the waste treatment authority Symevad and the Hantsch company began construction of a new organic waste treatment facility in Vitry en Atrois (Northern France) for 32,000 tonnes of green waste per year.

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11. October 2018

Flexibility above all

At Swedish service provider CS Maskin, a low-speed and a high-speed shredder from Komptech are looking good at all levels.

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17. September 2018

New organics processing machines

The right machinery is more and more important in the demanding field of organics preparation. Here, Komptech brings long experience to bear to deliver the ideal solutions. Now these solutions have been further refined and upgraded.

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13. November 2015

The perfect match

Danish utility FFV Energi & Miljø A/S has found the perfect match. It has fallen in love with a Terminator 5000.

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18. June 2015

Technology for nature

‘Live and work with nature’ is the motto of Gilles Schitter and Vita-Compost. His composting facility in Bischwiller in France’s Alsace region produces topquality compost and substrates with the help of several green Komptech machines.

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28. March 2013

Refinery to go

Andreas Zeller has built a refinery. It’s small, compact, and mobile when it needs to be. With it, he makes renewable fuel from local raw materials, for local customers.

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