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Crambo e-mobile

The Crambo is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green waste. The “e-mobile” series supplements the product range with semi-mobile, electric versions in which a maintenance-free electric motor replaces the diesel engine.

Crambo E-Mobile
Axtor 4510

The Axtor is one of the most versatile machines for processing wood and green waste. With an engine output of 462 hp and a total weight of less than 19 tons in the trailer version, the new Axtor 4510 exactly meets the requirements in the lower and medium performance range.

Topturn X

In windrow composting, regular turning is crucial for a proper process flow. With a product range tailored to the most common windrow sizes in practice-oriented equipment, the Topturn X is one of the world’s most frequently used windrow turners.

Topturn X

Asking bigger questions, creating greater opportunities

The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.


Because opportunity needs talent

The world is facing some major challenges. We consider it our responsibility to ask the right questions to counteract some of these challenges.



24. January 2023

A circular economy is the goal

Stefan Lengel is an industry pioneer. Inheriting an agricultural operation in 1988, he became one of the first in Austria to set up a plant for composting organic waste and green cuttings.

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12. January 2023

“Organic waste is valuable”

The Rhein-Main Deponie GmbH (RMD) is located in the middle of Germany, between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. This municipal utility specializes in using organic waste, and is the largest producer of renewably generated energy in the region.

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21. December 2022

Christmas donation for a good cause

Corporate Social Responsibility has always held a high priority at Komptech. This shows in our clearly defined sustainability strategy, and in our social commitment to local institutions.

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15. November 2022

Convincing rental performance in South Korea

After a rental period, Seongchang Environment decided to buy two Komptech machines. The experts for mixed solid waste recycling could increase their production line capacity by 30 percent.

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31. October 2022

Refuse-derived fuels are our field

In the shift to a circular economy, the production and use of refuse-derived fuels (RDF) is becoming increasingly important. Refuse-derived fuels can be extracted from industrial and commercial waste, and even from some household (residual) waste.

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6. October 2022

Lacero: development and shredding with highest performance

The Lacero high-performance shredder is one of Komptech’s latest innovations. Thanks to close cooperation with our Dutch partner PON Equipment BV and customer Den Ouden, the machine has been developed for shredding all types of green waste and wood.

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4. October 2022

Woody biomass is something we’re good at

Waste wood from agriculture and forestry can be a sustainable replacement for fossil fuels, and an important contributor to the energy shift.

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9. September 2022

Komptech at IFAT India: Better value creation with mixed waste

Household waste has high recycling potential. But increasing the rate of material and energy
reclamation presents challenges for machinery producers and waste disposal companies.

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23. August 2022

New thinking in Indonesia

Three years ago the Indonesian government tasked Komptech with the development of a stationary facility design for processing solid waste for recycling, to be used at three locations. Now the machines are ready and the pilot projects can start.

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1. August 2022

No end in sight in Craców

Miki Recykling in Craców, Poland is a second-generation family-owned company that was founded 31 years ago. Today Karol Jakubowski guides the company’s fate.

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07. September

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05. Juli - 07. Juli

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