Woody biomass

Depending on the material, the logistics and the customer requirements, single machines or machine combinations from our shredding and screening technology are in use. 


Using the chipper configuration, the Axtor produces a quality chipped material in a defined grain size from logs. A fuel with a coarser structure can be generated from woody green waste, clean forest residues or untreated waste wood by working in shredder or chipper mode depending on the input material. 

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When producing biofuel from green waste, the Crambo, the tough all-purpose shredder, is ideal for this, as its large screen basket sizes give the right particle size for further processing.


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A fine fraction, a medium fraction and a coarse fraction can be produced in one pass with star screens. The medium fraction is generally the usable fuel fraction. Products_Multistar_L3_2-Achs_Trailer_Rendering_Card.png

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