Multistar XXL2

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The Multistar XXL2 is designed as a pure 2-fraction star screen and gives high performance, with up to 500 m³/h throughput. The XXL2 is a promising alternative to drum screens in situations where separation into three fractions is not strictly necessary, for example compost screening and bark processing.

The Multistar XXL2 offers unparalleled flexibility through the simple adjustability of the screen cut, and low energy consumption through all-electric drive (using electricity from generator or grid).

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and flexible

The large hopper and the extremely wide and long screen deck are aligned in order to enable a throughput up to 500 m³/h. A quick change system allows a change of the complete screen deck in under an hour.


The screen units are continually cleaned by the most simplest and efficient patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system. Each star has a wear-resistant cleaning element that clears the screen gap to the surrounding stars on each rotation. So screening is always in season with Multistar star screens.



From fine
to coarse

Particle size can be controlled by varying the rotation speed of the star shafts. The particle size in the bandwidth specified by the star geometry can be changed within seconds by the control panel. A screen section from 8-150 mm is covered due to different types and arrangement of the stars.



Although performance of the XXL2 is in the range of a stationary machine, the semi-trailer design makes them easy to move from point A to point B. So nothing stands in the way of off-site use. Extend the supports, fold out the conveyors, and you’re ready to run.



Technical data

plus symbol minus symbol
One S3 L3 XL3 XXL2
Drive plus symbol minus symbol
Diesel engine (-) HyDrive System (Option)
Diesel generator - John Deere Stage V or T4F
Diesel generator - Perkins Stage V/T4F
Diesel generator - John Deere T4F or CAT Stage III
Diesel generator - John Deere Stage V/T4F or CAT Stage III
Power [kW/PS] - 55kW/74PS (StageV)
129kW/175PS (T4F)
55kW/74PS (T4F); 129kW/175PS (T4F)
Diesel generator [kVA] - 45
- 60(T3)
Electrical power input [kW] 25 - CEE 125A/400V 3-pole+N+PE
- -
Screening unit plus symbol minus symbol
Fine screen area (m²) - 3,9 7,3 6,8 11
Fine screen width (mm) - 900 1230 1250 1600
Fine screen length (mm) - 4250 5852 5450 7000
Coarse screen area (m²) 6,5 2,1 3,85 6 -
Coarse screen width (mm) 1450 900 1200 1200 -
Coarse screen length (mm) 4500 2400 3198 5000 -
Weight (Dependent on equipment) plus symbol minus symbol
Hook [t] 9,2 10 - - -
Trailer [t] - - 21 - -
Semitrailer [t] - - 21 22 22
Max. throughput (Dependent on material) plus symbol minus symbol
Throughput [m³/h] 200 100 250 300 500
Feeding plus symbol minus symbol
Hopper volume [m³] 2,5 ~2,5/3,5
Filling length [mm] 2300 3100 3750 3400 4000
Filling height (mm) 2500/3000
3500 3200
Material discharge plus symbol minus symbol
Max. discharge height, coarse fraction (mm) 3950
2300 2850 3230 3600
Max. discharge height, medium fraction (mm) - 2900 3500 3500 -
Max. discharge height, fine fraction (mm) 4050 2300 3500 3100 2700
Dimensions (Transport) plus symbol minus symbol
Hook [mm] 8176 x 2466 x 2600
8200 x 2450 x 2560
- - -
Trailer [mm] - - 11500 x 2550 x 4000
- -
Semitrailer [mm] - - 13600 x 2550 x 4000
11900 x 2500 x 4000
13700 X 2550 x 3900

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