Pre-treatment for digestion

Biogenic waste

By using the right shredding and separation technologies, contaminated biogenic waste can be recycled. The resulting liquid goes into wet digestion.


In this process, various types of organic waste are prepared for liquid digestion. They can include packaging and contamination. Preshredding prepares the material for subsequent dissolution and contrary separation. 


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The resulting liquid has ideal properties for simple digestion and at the same time ensures a long service life of the digesters. In the digester, biogas is produced from the substrate. Depending on the site conditions, it can be converted into electricity or further processed for use in the gas grid. Preparation of digestion liquid is an all-in solution, consisting of machines, electrics, pipelines and all measuring and control equipment. 

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Shredding with
low speed

The process starts with the Crambo dual-shaft shredder. Its teeth and screen basket are configured for the materials. If the input contains a large amount of plastic, a combination of Terminator and screen drum can be used. Either way, the job of these low-speed shredders is to shred and open up the packaging of the organic content. 


The key component of the treatment stage is the transfer of the organics into the liquid phase. The pulper used performs several tasks. In batch operation, the organics are shredded further and homogenised in the process water. Packaging is emptied and cleansed by the high flow speed. At the same time, heavy material is separated off through a sluice. 

by screening

Raw substrate exits the pulper onto a Multistar star screen, connected downstream. The liquid with the suspended organic material flows through the star screen and is collected in a tray from where it is pumped, via sand separation and hygenisation, into the collection tank. Oversized particles are discharged via the star screens and water is removed in a press. 

Transfer to

From the settling tank, the cleaned digestion liquid passes through a tube macerator. It then goes to an eccentric screw pump, which serves as the interface to the anaerobic digestion process. 


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