Multistar 2-SE

Star screen with electric drive icon Electric icon Mechanical

Star screen technology from Komptech is regarded as one of the most effective separation methods for organic waste. Precise separation selectivity regardless of material moisture, and particle size change at the press of a button are particular features of the Multistar star screen.

Its compact design makes the Multistar 2-SE star screen system simple to integrate. Its modular design and options such as underbody, feed metering container with feed and discharge belts, windsifting, etc. ensure customer requirements can be met perfectly.

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Key facts
22 Power (kW)
1 Screen deck
250 Throughput (m³/h)
Open all plus symbol
2 - SE 3 - SE
Motor plus symbol
Electrical power input (kW)2240
Screening unit plus symbol
Fine screen area (m²)7.27.0
Fine screen width (mm)12001200
Fine screen length (mm)59855863
Coarse screen area (m²)7.04.8
Coarse screen width (mm)12001200
Coarse screen length (mm)58633998
Throughput plus symbol
Throughput (m³/h)up to 250up to 250
Screen segments plus symbol
fine (mm)80...20
coarse (mm)30 ..... 60
60 ..... 90
90 ..... 120
120 ..... 150
30 ..... 60
60 ..... 90
90 ..... 120
120 ..... 150

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