In order to make high-energy fuel as well as quality compost from green waste input, it is separated into woody and weedy fractions upon arrival. ‘It took us a while to get our suppliers used to doing it, but now the process works quite well,’ says Achauer.

The woody fraction is shredded and then screened. A new Multistar L3 has been doing the screening for a few months now. ‘There’s nothing better. Performance, screening results, energy consumption – it’s all good!’ As usual, the medium fraction goes to cogeneration plants as fuel and the overlengths are reshredded. Achauer is trying something new with the fine fraction – using it as bedding in cow stalls. ‘It’s still a very new application, but it has potential’ he says confidently. The larger weedy fraction is also shredded and composted in windrows. This gives 80,000 m3 of quality compost, most of which goes for substrates and to adjacent earthworks.