Composting and anaerobic digestion

We’ve focused intensively on the composting of biogenic waste since our founding. Our close collaboration with scientists, agricultural users and mechanical engineers results in products and solutions that ensure maximum ecological and economic efficiency, when adapted to local conditions.


The closing of cycles

The goal of composting is to convert organic sub-stances into stable, plant-friendly humus as quickly and odourlessly as possible. Composters try to get a high-quality product with the shortest possible rotting time and lowest possible emissions.

01 Biowaste
02 MSW, Residual waste, Sewage sludge
03 Green waste. Yard waste
04 Manure, Agricultural waste


Anaerobic Digestion

Energy from organic waste

Anaerobic digestion is the economically and ecologically viable treatment method for organic waste with higher moisture. Green energy is produced from the decomposed organic material and compost and liquid fertilizer from the digestion residue.

01 Biowaste (higher moisture)
02 Food waste, Kitchen waste
03 Market waste, Expired food



Mobile and stationary plants for treatment of biogenic waste

Composting plant

Our products and services range from mobile machines for open composting systems, to large plants with stationary machines for preparing and packaging the final product.

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Pre-treatment for anaerobic digestion

By using the right shredding and separation technologies, contaminated biogenic waste can be recycled. The resulting liquid goes into wet digestion.

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