Topturn X

Self-propelled turner for triangular windrows icon Diesel icon Hydraulic

In windrow composting, regular turning is essential for the process to run smoothly. With a product range tailored to the most common windrow sizes and practical equipment, the Topturn X is one of the most widely used windrow turners in the world.

With a sturdy frame, powerful hydraulics and large drum, the Topturn X is ready to handle any work situation. A comfortable cabin with lifting function and roomy maintenance platforms that fold out hydraulically are further plus points.

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Turned out

The large turning drum (dia. 1.2-1.4 m) gives high throughput and excellent mixing. The tools can be used twice, keeping wear costs low.


More power
if needed

The performance of the CAT® diesel engine is perfectly suited to the machine. Various output levels enable a precise adjustment to the customers needs. A powerful cooling system for the engine and the hydraulic system keeps the machine in the “green” range, even in hot weather.


Wheel or

The choice of wheel or tracked version depends on site conditions – both models are priced the same. The wheeled chassis has impressive benefits on asphalt and concrete. The tracked chassis is the ideal option for non-asphalted areas.


Lift off
to work

The lifting cabin makes access easier and minimizes the effort for converting from working to transport position. The cabin itself is a comfortable workspace, with a lot of room, powerful air conditioner and air-cushioned seat.

to go!

The operating console with its large colour display makes it easy for new users to work with the machine, and gives pros many ways to optimize operations. There is also an autopilot for relaxed working.


made easy

A press of a button turns the left and right body panels into roomy maintenance platforms so all maintenance work can be done safely and conveniently.


Technical data

plus symbol minus symbol
4500 5000 6000
Drive plus symbol minus symbol
Motor [-] CAT C7.1 T4F/StageIV or T3/StageIIIA
CAT C7.1 T4F/StageV or CAT C9.3B T4F/StageV oder T3/StageIIIA
CAT C9.3B T4F/StageV
Power [kW/PS] 151/205 (T4F) or 205/278 (T4F,T3)
205/278 (T4F) or 250/340 (T4F, T3)
Turning unit plus symbol minus symbol
Drum diameter [mm] 1200
Drum speed [rpm] 0-195
Windrow dimesnions plus symbol minus symbol
Windrow width [mm] 4500
5000 6000
Max. windrow height [mm] 2200 2200 2600
Windrow cross-section at 45° repose angle [m²] 5,1 6,2 8,9
Travelling speed plus symbol minus symbol
Wheel [km/h] Standard: 0-4 | Option: 0-6
Standard: 0-4 | Option: 0-6
Standard: 0-4 | Option: 0-6
Track [km/h] 0-4
Dimensions (Transport / Working) plus symbol minus symbol
Wheel [mm] 4917 x 2996 x 3319 | 4484 x 5080 x 4056 (+380)
5416 x 2996 x 3324 | 4484 x 5580 x 4056 (+380)
6416 x 2996 x 3682 | 4484 x 6580 x 4456 (+380)
Track [mm] 4917 x 2550 x 3288 | 4126 x 5080 x 4025 (+380)
5416 x 2550 x 3293| 4126 x 5580 x 4025 (+380)
6448 x 2651 x 3649 | 4126 x 6580 x 4423 (+380)
Weight (Dependent on equipment) plus symbol minus symbol
Wheel [t] 14,5
16,0 19,5
Track [t] 15 16,5 20
Max. throughput (Dependent on material) plus symbol minus symbol
Throughput [m³/h] 3000
4000 5000

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