For three years now, instead of sending Christmas gifts to our dealers we’ve been helping people in need, because we believe it is important to give something back to the community. This aligns with our vision to look at the bigger picture. Our dealers greet this gesture with great appreciation and so have made it possible for us to do this year after year.

This year, we’re helping children in need here in Austria. Children lose their homes every day all around the globe for reasons they cannot influence. From one second to the other, their future is marked by violence, hunger, poverty, disease and fear. The pandemic made it clear that we don’t have to look to the other side of the world to find people that need help, but that they can be right next door. Therefore, we decided to donate to SOS-Kinderdorf.

SOS-Kinderdorf is a charitable organization that supports children in need by offering them a safe and loving home in dignity and warmth, for a better future. Together with the support of their donors, the organization is active in 136 countries around the world.