From help in a tight spot, to a long-term solution

Rent or buy? The decision is not always easy. The Oswald Hackl e.U. company has good things to say about Komptech’s combination rent to own model.


Oswald Hackl e.U. makes various grades of RDF fuels for the cement industry, for example 0-30 mm and 30-80 mm fractions. The company thus acts as an energy supplier to the cement industry. Unfortunately, in December 2017 the company’s RDF plant was completely destroyed in a fire.

“We had to do something fast if we were going to continue to supply our customers. Komptech was a very capable partner in that situation, and immediately made a Terminator 5000S in the right configuration available to us. With the additional Nemus 2700 drum screen we installed in March 2018, we were able to produce refuse-derived fuels and again supply our customers,” says Operations Manager Matthis Schuller, adding, “We took the new RDF plant into operation in late December 2020. The Terminator was a rental, but we were so happy with it that we ended up buying it out of the ongoing rental agreement. At this point we’ve put almost 7000 operating hours on it.”

Routine maintenance is also simple. All maintenance points on the drum are easily available. “That’s always a huge advantage for us, since we change the teeth every 500 hours,” says Schuller.



Schuller describes the Terminator’s application area as follows: “The Terminator is used mostly for bulky waste. We also feed baled PET bottle fractions into it sometimes so we can run the material through the RDF plant in bulk. But the shredder is mostly used for commercial and bulky waste that is ‘tough to chew’, but the Terminator has no problem with it.”

The process continues in the RDF plant. “There we do mechanical separation by screens, and ballistic, NF and ferrous metal separators. The remainder goes to automatic sorting, were near-infrared sorting machines remove the plastic. The larger items, i.e. the screen overflow, goes to a sorting cabin for manual sorting. Various plastics are picked out there.”

Imagine trying to tear a telephone book like a newspaper. It’s tough, but the Crambo had no problem with it.

Matthias Schuller

Identifying problems and solving them quickly

With Komptech’s solutions and procurement models, Oswald Hackl e.U. is able to deal with all kinds of challenges. “It takes specific solutions to process various materials. For example, we get industrial waste, like production residue from ski and tennis racket string production. It can’t go into the system as delivered, but must be pre-processed first. This is a difficult step that requires special equipment,” says Schuller, and explains: “Our customer rep Alexander Höllweger was a big help here. He brought me a Crambo for testing and everything worked great. This plastic waste is very resistant. Imagine trying to tear a telephone book like a newspaper. It’s tough, but the Crambo had no problem with it.”

Identifying problems and solving them quickly is a sought-after capability in many industries, and for many companies, including Oswald Hackl e.U., it’s a key criterion for a vendor. “We faced a problem for which we needed an immediate solution, and we got one. Komptech was right there. What mattered most to us was the short reaction time, so we could keep on working without disruption,” says Matthias Schuller.