Flexibility above all

At Swedish service provider CS Maskin, a low-speed and a high-speed shredder from Komptech are looking good at all levels.


For three years now Magnus Westring has been Chief of Operations at service provider CS Maskin in Göteborg, Sweden. The company processes solid waste and woody biomass.

long - term contracts...

“We’re fortunate enough to have long-term contracts with big Swedish disposal companies,” says Westring. “But we still try to get small orders in, to keep our machine fleet busy. It makes for more work, but there are more and more competitors out there promising everything and anything just to get jobs.”


...and promises met

“In this business you need to keep your promises. Very often you only get one chance,” he says of his rough-and-tumble field. Another reason for CS Maskin flexibility is that customers demand just-in-time treatment of their materials. “You can’t afford to make them wait.”


It all startet at Elima Wood

“Last year we visited Elmia Wood because we were in the market for a new shredder. At the booth of Komptech and its Swedish partner Aksel Benzin A/S we saw the Crambo 5200 direct in action for the first time,” says Westring. “I had heard of the Crambo but had never seen it in operation. At first we were sceptical, but when the technician opened the side panel and showed us how simple it was to replace the screen basket, we were positively surprised. We had never seen such a convenient solution with any shredder,” says Westring.

“We tested the machine intensively for a few days and then decided to buy it.” The Axtor was not yet on their radar, but then they had the opportunity to test one thoroughly. “We immediately saw the many possibilities that the machine could offer us.”


Widely varying orders

“With the two dark green machines we have become much more flexible and can take on more jobs than we could before,” explains Westring. The Komptechs are more agile, quieter, and create much less dust than the big grinder they replaced than machines from other companies. CS Maskin has used them on all sorts of materials. “We use the Crambo and Axtor in line for used wood, green cuttings and bark,” says Westring. “These materials can be full of contraries, but the Crambo with the added over-conveyor magnet protects the Axtor from major damage. In turn, the Axtor with its many screening baskets makes exactly the material quality the customer wants.” Westring is satisfied with the arrangement.

Partnership as a factor

Machine downtime is catastrophic for any service provider. “Naturally something can always go wrong. And that’s when you can tell how good the relationship is.” Westring is happy with the excellent service he gets from Swedish Komptech partner Aksel Benzin A/S. Recently the Crambo 5200 direct had to go to the shop because of engine trouble. Aksel Benzin A/S immediately lent them an identical demonstrator machine. “That enabled us to finish the job.” Westring also has praise for Sonny Strandberg, Aksel Benzin A/S local representative, who knows exactly what’s needed from his time as a service technician.