Komptech sponsors the Ronald McDonald House in Graz

Christmas, as a celebration of love, is always a wonderful occasion to show charity and support social organisations. Komptech, a leading company in the field of environmental technology, is actively committed to this social responsibility and is supporting the Ronald McDonald House in Graz this year with a special initiative. The company is sponsoring a children’s room for the duration of a year.


Commitment to a good cause

The Ronald McDonald House offers support for families with seriously ill children by providing accommodation, meals and loving care. Sponsoring a room at the Ronald McDonald House enables families to be close to their sick children and thus provide important support in difficult times.

Ewald Konrad, CSO of Komptech, emphasises the importance of this campaign: “For us at Komptech, social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate values. The decision to sponsor a room at the Ronald McDonald House stems from our desire to actively contribute to ensuring that children in difficult circumstances receive the best possible support. Charity work is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and we are proud to make a positive contribution to the community.”

The symbolic cheque was handed over in person by Ewald Konrad, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Komptech. The donation emphasises the company’s social commitment and is intended to help improve the quality of life of children in difficult circumstances.

In addition to external initiatives, Komptech as a company also relies on internal promotion and support programmes for employees. “Komptech in Motion” and “We Care” are two such programmes that aim to promote the well-being and personal development of employees and support them in difficult life situations. These programmes are a clear sign of the company’s commitment to assuming not only external but also internal responsibility and creating a supportive corporate culture.

The cheque was handed over on 13 December at the Ronald McDonald House in Graz.

“For us at Komptech, social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate values.”

Ewald Konrad, CSO