Due to this, Farrel Crowder, owner and manager of Humalfa, upgraded from the older X53 model to the newer X63 Komptech Topturn compost windrow turner. “It’s considerably more fuel efficient,” said Farrel Crowder. “They’re doing it with less horsepower and way less fuel and doing more work. It’s just good engineering.”

Crowder and his team at Humalfa began their research years before the company started its fertilizer production operation, enabling them to recognize high-quality compost when they see it. And so do those who purchase Humalfa’s fertilizer products for agricultural, turf and other commercial purposes. “We start out with this raw beef manure and compost it. When we’re done, it smells earthy,” Crowder states. “The nitrogen is all organic nitrogen, which is the most stable form. It’s just a very good fertilizer.”

Crowder bought the Komptech Topturn X63 in partly because of its capacity to turn up to 5,800 yd3 of compost per hour. This production capacity has allowed Humalfa to meet its high-quality standards without sacrificing efficiency. Crowder further asserts that he will be prepared to bring in another Komptech machine when the time comes, even though Humalfa’s X63 turner is still relatively new to the company.