Pride Month 2023: Komptech respects diversity

June is Pride Month in many countries. Pride means appreciating one’s own talents and uniqueness. At Komptech, we too think that diversity should be appreciated.


People who make things happen are the foundation of our business, so we want to create a setting that is free of exclusions and prejudices, and is based on mutual respect. We judge people by their abilities and their work in the team, not by age, skin colour, gender, ethnic origin, religion, world view or sexual orientation. Diversity means that we can approach challenges from different perspectives and so develop comprehensive solutions by working together. Diversity is therefore a great advantage for us.

In Pride Month the focus is on more tolerance and equal rights from people in the LGBTQ+ community. We support this, and want to do our part for more fairness and diversity in working life. In the coming weeks and months the LGBTQ+ community will hold parades and protests to raise awareness for discrimination based on sexual identity or orientation. The community demands acceptance and visibility. Pride Month hearkens back to the birth of the LGBTQ+ movement, when on 28 June 1969 the patrons of a bar in New York protested openly for the first time against police harassment. Riots lasting many days erupted, in response to what had been years of violence and discrimination.

Komptech is working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include the topic of diversity with Goal 5 (Gender equality). Our Code of Conduct also requires us to be respectful of all people. Our ESG report can be downloaded here. The updated version will appear at the end of July.