Processing for material recycling and energy recovery

The goal of reducing our material footprint through a recycling-centric economy with high reclamation rates presents new challenges for the waste industry. Treatment lines for mixed municipal waste need to be designed in such a way that the process adapts dynamically to changing conditions, to become more recyclables-oriented and efficient.

Processing lines

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Komptech recycling systems are designed and dimensioned to customer requirements. With a comprehensive line of key components for shredding, screening and separating, plus market-proven components by well-known manufacturers, we build efficient solutions for complex tasks.

01 Municipal solid waste
02 Commercial waste
03 Bulky waste
04 Special fractions



Mobile and stationary plants for recycling of mixed waste

Splitting plant

In a splitting plant, mixed waste is pre-treated using our shredding, screening and separation technology to get the best possible sorting of material streams.

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RDF plant

In a RDF plant, the steps are usually pre-shredding, screening/separation and post-shredding. The process is designed to customer requirements. The composition of the input material and the sales opportunities of the final products are key factors.

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MBT plant

In a MBT (mechanical-biological treatment) plant mixed waste streams are treated by mechanical means such as shredding, screening and separation, as well as by biological processes.

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