Processing of woody biomass into renewable fuel

Solid biomass is intended to make a major contribution to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. With the right processing, marketable fuel can be extracted from wood waste and from material flows within agriculture and forestry.

Additional revenues

in a new business area

Low or high speed shredders, flexible star screens and powerful  turners for fast composting are key machines for the efficient production of renewable fuel. This can be marketed to biomass heat and power plants, as a cost-effective fuel with the calorific value and particle size they need. This way, companies previously operating in the disposal business can transform themselves into energy suppliers.

01 Green waste
02 Waste wood (untreated)
03 Root stocks, forest residues
04 Logs



Mobile and stationary plants for biomass processing

Biomass processing

Depending on the material, the logistics and the customer requirements, single machines or machine combinations from our shredding and screening technology are in use.

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