Splitting plant

Mixed waste

In a splitting plant, mixed waste is pre-treated using our shredding, screening and separation technology to get the best possible sorting of material streams. 


The first process step is shredding to unbag the material and homogenize the input stream. If needed, shredding can be followed by separation of the fines by spiral shaft separator, drum screen or disc screen.


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This is followed by ballistic separation into flat and three-dimensional fractions as preparation for further sorting. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are likewise removed from the separated material streams.


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In the sorting steps that follow, wood, paper, cardboard and plastics are retrieved manually or mechanically.

The remaining high-caloric fractions are used as RDF, either directly or after further treatment.


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Pre shredding,
bag opening

The process starts with a Terminator single-shaft shredder, with teeth configured for the input material. The contrary resistance of this shredder allows it to accept a wide range of input materials. Its even intake also ensures a steady supply of material to downstream process steps.

of fines

If there is substantial organic content in the input material, this will need to be removed before further processing. The machine used for this is either a stationary Komptech drum screen or Flowerdisc disc screen.

for sorting

To ensure effective sorting, the material is prepped with a Ballistor ballistic sorter. The Ballistor’s separation function enables splitting of the material stream into three fractions – flat (2D), cubic (3D) and fine.


Manual or automatic sorting after the Ballistor is very effective. Film, paper and cardboard go to the 2D line, and PET, HDPE, metals etc. on the 3D line. Running the material through the Ballistor results in considerably cleaner and thus higher quality recycling streams.


The final products can be stored loose and/or pressed into bales. Komptech works with recognized, experienced experts (e.g. Austropress) to achieve defined storage capacities.


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