Low-speed single-shaft shredder for all types of waste icon Electric icon Hydraulic

The Terminator is one of the most successful shredders for all types of waste. In the stationary versions, a low-maintenance electric motor provides the drive power and a hydraulic system with load-dependent speed control ensures power transmission to the drum. By varying the drum and counter comb system the Terminator can handle applications ranging from coarse break-up to defined shredding.

The stepless cutting gap allows adjustment of the size of the output material. Large doors offer perfect access to all drive components. In addition, the separation of the drive unit from the shredding unit is provided as an option.

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The Terminator is able to shred the most difficult materials. Everything is shred to the desired particles size. Applications with drum/opposing comb system variants range from coarse pre-crushing to defined shredding.


Coarse or

The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows tailoring of the produced particle size to subsequent usage. Completely swivelling of the counter comb provides perfect accessibility for maintenance of the shredding area.

or separated

Besides the standard stationary frame, isolation of the drive unit from the shredding unit is provided as an option for the hydraulic version. The advantages: Better protection of drive unit (less dust, better cooling) and space-saving integration into the process cycle.


Technical data

plus symbol minus symbol
2200 3400 3400S 5000 5000S 6000S
Drive plus symbol minus symbol
Motor [-] Asynchronous motor Asynchronous motor Asynchronous motor Asynchronous motor Asynchronous motor
Asynchronous motor
Power [kW/PS] 132
160 160 (Drum drive on both sides)
200 (Drum drive on both sides)
280 (Drum drive on both sides)
Shredding unit plus symbol minus symbol
Drum speed [rpm] 27 29 27 29 29 38
Drum length [mm] 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Drum diameter [mm] 1050 1050 1050 1050 1050 1050
Weight (Dependent on equipment) plus symbol minus symbol
Hook [t] - - - - -
Trailer [t] - - - - -
Track [t] - - - - -
Max. throughput (Dependent on material) plus symbol minus symbol
Throughput [t/h] 30 45 50 60 80 100
Feeding plus symbol minus symbol
Filling height [mm] -
Max. discharge height [mm] -

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