A green lion in switzerland

Led by Martin Leuenberger, Leureko AG is a familiar name in northwestern Switzerland, where they operate four composting plants plus a fermenting plant for biogas.


The Leuenberger family has been making soils for three generations. It started in 1946 with his grandfather’s nursery, and took a major step up in professionalism with the founding of Leureko AG as a greenwaste disposal firm. Martin Leuenberger tells the story: “In the 80s there was no large-scale greenwaste collection in Switzerland. But luckily for us, in our canton ecology was a matter of great interest, so we had the wind at our back for our plans.”

Compost with quality

Martin Leuenberger is a degreed master landscaper, like his brother, and their father and grandfather before them. However, based on his 20 years of experience, he prefers to call himself a compost and fermentation specialist. His goal is to educate his market about the value of good compost products for agriculture and gardening. The family company offers five different types of substrate made with compost – fresh compost for farming, cured compost for gardening, and soil products for decorative plants and lawns. “We know what gardeners need, so we can configure our products accordingly,” he explains, adding that they keep their quality promises, so customers can rely on getting a good product.


More ecologically compatible machines

Each year Leureko makes about 20 thousand cubic metres of compost, 1500 cubic metres of compost earth, 3000 tonnes of wood fuel from biomass, and around 9.5 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy in the form of biogas. The company also provides mobile services like shredding, turning and screening. It employs 13 people and has a modern and extensive machine park. “We want to work, not play. Playing is for my kids,” says the head of Leureko AG. Its distinctive laughing green lion emblem is everywhere to be seen. “Right now, from Komptech we have two Crambo 5000s, a Multistar XL star screen and a Multistar 2-SE star screen deck,” explains Martin Leuenberger. The Crambo dual-shaft shredders are used for prepping the greenwaste, as well as shredding wet wood retrieved from the Rhine. The 3-fraction Multistar XL star screen is used for all screening at the company’s five sites, for making agricultural compost, fine compost for gardening and fuel for biomass combustion. None of this is a problem for the XL, and thanks to the two windsifters the output is plastic-free to requirements, according to Leuenberger. He adds, “We always try to use the machines that are the most environmentally compatible. Komptech’s new models use significantly less diesel fuel than their predecessors.”

„We always try to use the machines that are the most environmentally compatible. Komptech’s new models use significantly less diesel fuel than their predecessors.“

Martin Leuenberger

The service has to be right

The quality of the machines, repair and services made the difference for the purchase decisions. “For us as a medium-size company a Komptech machine is a major investment. But the overall value for money wins us over,” says Leuenberger. Leureko sets great store by the dependable service they get from Komptech’s sales partner GETAG. “As a rule, GETAG service technicians are on site within 24 hours, and generally have all the necessary parts with them when they arrive. That reduces downtime, and that’s what it’s all about,” says Leuenberger.