At its own site in Didam the company does green waste processing currently using the Nemus 2700 with a 15 mm screen drum. “We needed additional capacity that the smaller screen we had at the time could not provide,” says Rob Kummeling. “On the Nemus 2700 the screen drum is now a metre longer, which boosts throughput and is naturally very useful for us.”

As far as Kummeling is concerned the Nemus 2700 is the ideal all-purpose machine, and one which he uses for many things. Although he owns 25 and 40 mm screen drums, on occasion Kummeling will borrow a 15 mm drum from another local company he is friends with. “That’s the advantage of a universal system,” explains Sales Manager Harald Wildenbeest of PON Equipment, Komptech’s sales partner for the Netherlands.” There is almost always a company within 60 km that you can exchange screen drums with.” Still, Kummeling is planning to get his own. “I’m thinking about buying a 15 mm drum in the Heavy Duty version. I expect it to give me longer time between maintenance, and with our own drum we’ll be a bit more flexible.”