The cooperation with Komptech turned out to be long-term and very productive. Rudnicki’s team, led by his unwavering dedication, embarked on a journey to refurbish their existing equipment, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. The centerpiece of this effort was the refurbishment of a Terminator 1700 into a 3400 direct. “I mentioned, the Company bought a new Terminator eight years ago, and after 13,000 hours operation of this machine, Komptech was able to carry out a complete renovation and breathed new life into this machine”, said Rudnicki. Tomasz Rzepka from our partner Bax Baumaschinen Poland played a key role for the refurbishment of the Terminator.

With the support of Komptech’s expertise and EU subsidies, the machine was successfully refurbished, achieving results in tests comparable to a brand-new one at a fraction of the cost. This will not only save money but will also unlock new possibilities for handling different types of waste, from bulky items to construction debris. “During our test, we have now two possibilities: 25-30 tons of bulky waste per hour or shredding glass up to 100 tons per hour.”