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The world is getting greener

European standards as a success model for waste management around the world


Due to urbanization and population growth, over the next 30 years annual waste generation is expected to increase enormously from 2.01 billion (2016) to 3.40 billion tons (The World Bank, 2019). In order to keep cities liveable and place resource usage on a sustainable basis, it is essential to make good use of these immense amounts of waste. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively influenced all kinds of areas in our industrialized world, and millions of lives around the world. Sustainability represents an opportunity to limit this economic damage and rethink how things are done in many areas. Waste management and recycling to European standards make a major contribution, by recovering secondary raw materials in order to bring about a circular economy. Recycling makes materials available for product processes again, and reduces greenhouse emissions and energy consumption by comparison with landfilling or mining primary raw materials (Global Recycling, 2020).

New distribution partners for Komtpech

As a machine and system manufacturer, Komptech is glad to support the waste management and recycling industry in more and more countries through local distributors. In 2019 the Komptech added new partners in Taiwan and Mexico, and this year the company welcomes Enviment in Brazil and MK Waste for Czechia and Slovakia. The transfer from ELB to CEA in Australia and New Zealand adds another partner with outstanding capabilities.


CEA represents Komptech in Australia and New Zealand

The transfer from ELB to CEA brings great new opportunities in the trifecta of customer-distributor-manufacturer. In order to ensure that important product knowledge and strong customer relationships remain in the company, 55 employees of ELB switched to CEA. As a distributor of respected construction and agricultural machinery brands, CEA will strengthen Komptech’s brand recognition in both countries. The changeover was completed on 2 July 2020. “We’re very happy to be represented by CEA in Australia and New Zealand. In CEA, Komptech has gained a partner with an established nationwide presence,” says Komptech CEO Heinz Leitner. CEA stands behind Komptech’s quality and efficiency standards, and has an all-in-one approach that goes far beyond the sale of machines.

ENVIMAT as new distributor in South America

With its new distributor in Brazil, ENVIMAT, Komptech has gained a partner with long experience in biomass and waste treatment, which made its first sale after only a very short time. The shared goal is to further build the Komptech brand in Brazil, and show its capabilities at trade fairs around forestry and waste management.


MK Waste – Exclusive partner in Czechia and Slovakia

In the first quarter of 2020 MK Waste became part of Komptech’s international sales network. As the distributor for Czechia and Slovakia, MK Waste offers individual solutions for waste treatment. Their high quality and service standards are a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

New possibilities in Mexico and Taiwan

Two distributors were added in 2019, the GTA Ambiental company in Mexico and Uni Recycling in Taiwan. This local presence has already born fruit for Komptech. GTA Ambiental brought in projects in the household waste handling field, while Uni Recycling has gained ground in the biomass processing industry.

Thus, Komptech machines are now available in over 70 countries. Together with its experienced, capable partners, the company is ready to help customers make the world a little bit greener with sustainable waste management and recycling.