KI Waste: Image recognition for better waste processing

In the “KI Waste” project three well-known research institutes are investigating the use of artificial intelligence for analysing image data and image recognition in synch with time sequence data.


The Know-Center in Graz, Graz Technical University and the Joanneum Research society hope to remodel and improve the entire process of mechanical treatment for recycling. Komptech is supporting the project as technology partner for treating mixed waste.

The data generated by image recognition is analyzed together with time series data. Together, the results should help to re-model the preparation process and enable machine learning. This offers the customer increased efficiency, a higher recycling rate and reduced energy consumption, which subsequently has a positive effect on the environment and therefore on all of us.


The project started at the beginning of 2021 and is planned for a period of two years. Based on the findings, marketable systems and products are likely to be produced in three to four years from now. Our CTO Dr. Christian Oberwinkler emphasizes the importance of continuing to rely on innovation despite the crisis: “Constant innovation is the only effective means of long-term success as a company. The crisis won’t change this fact.” Digitalization offers untapped potential, especially in our area, which is why we plan to intensify research activities in this area.