The electric motors of the low-speed Terminator and Crambo mobile shredders come in the same power levels that have proven their worth in stationary use. 160 kW corresponds to the familiar 3400 power level and 200 kW to 5000. As a single-shaft shredder, the Terminator pre-shreds all kinds of waste, and can break down even the most difficult materials to defined grain sizes. With its two low-speed rotors with teeth, the Crambo is one of the best machines there is for stoppage-free shredding of all types of wood and green cuttings. Transportation to the worksite is by hooklift system or 3-axle trailer.

The compact outside dimensions of the e-mobile machines are scarcely different from the diesel-powered Terminator and Crambo. It’s a different story in the motor compartment. Here, an electric motor shares the uncluttered space with a switchgear cabinet of protection class IP54, that protects the electronic components inside very effectively against dust and high outside temperatures. The placement of the switchgear cabinet right in the machine makes transportation easier and enables fast start-up at the site. Thanks to the clever single-plug system, one person can connect the power cable alone. Furthermore, with electric drive the maintenance effort is reduced by up to 50 percent versus the diesel versions.