A terminator for every bin

Whether disposal, recycling or storage – for Marco Bologna of Sieco in Italy, the important thing is reliable processing of the waste that comes to the plant. Since a Komptech Terminator 5000 SD has been doing the preshredding, he’s had much less downtime and maintenance effort in his disposal operation.


“Before we found out about Komptech, we often had problems with difficult materials. Shredding-resistant items would get stuck in the drum, and the drive and transmission would quickly get overburdened,” says Marco Bologna, Purchasing Manager at Sieco Srl. The Terminator put a stop to that. Its variable hydraulic drum drive focuses lots of power in a little space. “And reversing is always posssible. Contraries hardly ever cause problems anymore,” says Bologna with satisfaction.


Solid and liquid hazmat waste

The Sieco company in Viterbo in central Italy specializes in the environmentally sound disposal of solid and liquid hazardous materials for B2B customers. Among its services are volume reduction and the separation of solid industrial and municipal waste. At the very tidy site you immediately notice the many tanks, plus the closely ranked containers in which cleanly sorted waste categories like tires, plastic film, aluminium cans and cardboard await further processing. Sieco has full order books. Right now, in Italy the demand for disposal services exceeds the supply.

“We use the Terminator every day to shred hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste,” says Bologna. Most of the hazardous waste consists of residues in lacquer, paint and oil containers. Around 40 tonnes of these go through the shredder per hour, which uses about 20 litres of fuel in the process. Sieco is very happy with the new acquisition. “The machine meets every requirement, and there is almost no down time. We also need less time for maintenance than before, because all functional areas are very easily accessible. That makes the Terminator more efficient and cost-effective for us,” he says in summary.


A three-year test

Before Seico decided to buy a Terminator 5000 SD, they tested this single-shaft shredder for three years as a rental machine. At the Ecomondo 2015 trade fair the company made contact with Fabio Vollera of CGT, Komptech’s sales partner in Italy. Vollera convinced Marco Bologna and Sieco management to test not just the machine through a rental, but also CGT’s service. That service proved technically and economically dependable and professional. Bologna: “In addition to the outstanding machine, CGT’s responsiveness won us over.”

“The combination of Terminator and Komptech’s Connect! condition monitoring system lets us keep an eye on all machine parameters at all times, and we were also able to save on taxes, since Italy provides tax breaks for investments in Industry 4.0,” says Marco Bologna.