Process improvements through electrified machine

Oberland Energie AG, based in Thun, Switzerland, collects green waste from surrounding communities and produces high-quality compost, as well as biogas to generate electricity and district heating.


The company has purchased a Crambo 5000 e-mobile from Komptech to make its operations more efficient and sustainable. Martin Jungen, General Manager of Oberland Energie, is convinced by the features of the Crambo 5000 e-mobile and explains why this machine is the perfect solution for their company.

Powering machines with solar electricity

“What convinced us about the Crambo 5000 e-mobile? There were several points,” says Martin Jungen. “Firstly, it was very important to us that it was an electrically driven machine. As an energy producer, we are striving to move away from fossil fuels. Komptech was one of the first suppliers with e-machines on the market and thus one step ahead of the competition – that convinced us. We produce a relatively large amount of electricity via our photovoltaic system, and if you’re already producing your own electricity, why not use it yourself?”

The ability to use the Crambo 5000 e-mobile situationally is of great importance to Oberland Energie. Martin Jungen explains: “This means that if the solar radiation is really good and there is enough energy, then we want to run the machine. We are optimising the process, the energy produced should be enough.”


Process improvements for gas production

In addition to the ecological benefits, Oberland Energie is also convinced by the technological innovation of the Crambo 5000 e-mobile. “Due to its roller teeth, the defibration of the material is much better,” Jungen explains. Previously, Oberland Energie AG used a high-speed shredder for shredding and can now see some advantages in the process by switching to the Crambo. “No more crushing of the material – we have always wanted to create more surface area because that has advantages in fermentation. First results show that this is right. We have better gas production. The Crambo has definitely taken us a step further here.” The mobile machine is also easy to clean – another practical side effect.


“The technology of the Crambo allows us to separate impurities more easily and thus ensure a better quality of the end product.”

Martin Jungen

Better removal of impurities

Another important advantage of the Crambo 5000 e-mobile is its ability not to crush impurities such as plastic. This makes it easier to remove impurities by wind sifting and on the screening machines. Jungen emphasises: “This is an important argument for us. The technology of the Crambo allows us to separate impurities more easily and thus ensure a better quality of the end product.” The Crambo’s sickle tooth, which is ideal for defibering wood due to its geometric shape, is particularly noteworthy. “We are 100 per cent convinced that the Crambo is the right machine for us,” Jungen concludes. Apart from the slow-running two-shaft shredder, Oberland Energie also operates other Komptech machines, the Stonefex and the Multistar L3.

Martin Jungen also has clear goals for the future: “My goal would be to cover 80 % of the electricity for our machines with energy from our photovoltaic system.” Increasing efficiency in terms of the resources used is a high priority for Martin Jungen. With Komptech and the Crambo 5000 e-mobile, Oberland Energie has found a partner to help them achieve their sustainability goals and increase their efficiency in processing green waste.