New Komptech Service Partner in Brandenburg

With Opitz GmbH, Komptech has a new capable and experienced Service Partner in the northeast of Germany.


The contract signing in Rehfelde was a relaxed affair, since the two companies have known each other for a while. Christian Büttner, owner of Opitz Containerdienst GmbH, was delighted to receive the guests at his company before the gates of Berlin. Jochen Mandl, Komptech Sales Director for International Business, and Jürgen Jaritz, Head of Logistics & Customs, came all the way from Graz. Karsten Runge, Komptech Sales Manager for East and Central Germany, also attended, as did Laurenz Rasche of Komptech Product Support. After a big welcome, signatures were put to paper in the office to make Opitz part of the Komptech service network.

From customer to partner

Christian Büttner considers his company to be well equipped for its role as a service and rental centre for Komptech. The workshop halls at its large site are big enough for machines and trucks, and are outfitted with ceiling cranes, work pits and extensive equipment. There is even a washing and tank station. Opitz has plenty of technical know-how. As Büttner notes, “I trained as an agricultural and construction machine mechanic, and have worked on machines since I was a kid. I’m interested in every technical detail, as well as in economic factors like throughput and consumption.” With a sweep of his arm across the site, he adds that he has a team of more than 70 people with a wide variety of qualifications.


Komptech machines are already familiar at Opitz. When they were getting into the green cuttings and wood treatment business in 2019, someone suggested to Büttner that he contact Karsten Runge. He did so, and soon rented a Crambo and later an Axtor in order to first get familiar with the shredders in actual use. A good three months later he decided to purchase both and add them to his machine park. His contract service business had taken off, and the Crambo and Axtor were what he termed “an ideal team,” not just for their own green cuttings processing, but also for customer jobs. Currently the company uses two shredders and a Multistar L3 screener for disposal work. Even so, before starting its Komptech Service Partner role, Opitz still gave its staff extra training with the aid of Komptech’s in-house training offerings.


More flexibility with rental machines

For Sales Director Mandl, Opitz GmbH is an example of how the rental option can be a good supplement to sales. “With the three options – rental, used and new – we cover the different needs of our customers. Orders are more and more short-notice and short-term. Many companies can’t afford a big machine park beyond the equipment they use every day. Everything else gets rented.”

A nearby service partner is often a deal-maker in the decision on a rental machine, since it can provide the machine “quickly and at an attractive price.” Mandl continues: “The customer wants to focus on his business. Machine condition, service, repairs, delivery, contaminants – the Komptech Service Partner takes care of all of that.” Laurenz Rasche adds, “Our Network Partners need to be capable and flexible, and resolve an issue no later than within 24 hours. It’s naturally even better if they can provide telephone support.”

“In our business, time is everything.”

Christian Büttner, owner of Opitz Containerdienst GmbH

Service is also an attitude                                                                                                 

With Komptech it makes no difference whether a service technician comes from the company or the service network. Jochen Mandl: “We work with our partners as peers. But that also means we expect the same customer focus, flexibility and consulting expertise that Komptech stands for.” He emphasizes that the mindset has to be right.  First-time customers are especially in need of advice and education, and to provide this a partner has to have its own experience with the machines. Runge adds, “the customer wants to position and set up his machine for maximum benefit. The Rental Partner needs to able to help with that.”

This is definitely the case for Büttner and his team. The recently passed a real-life test with Komptech Service with flying colours. “A customer called at 18:00 and needed his machine to be up and running again the next day. Opitz was on site with a technician and parts early the next morning,” says Rasche. It was an emergency, and they fixed it.

At the signing, all were in agreement that both sides have something to gain from the service partnership. For Komptech, Opitz gives supply security for customers in the Berlin and Brandenburg area, while Christian Büttner has a further service offering in his portfolio. “Many synergies come about in the partnership, and a lot of knowledge comes together. That benefits customers of both companies,” summarizes Sales Engineer Runge.


First customer, then Service Partner

Christian Büttner is happy: “We liked what we saw with Komptech from the beginning. At the technical level, they do a lot of things very well. Plus there’s the expert after-sales service. Somebody is always available, even at night, and they pay attention to the history of the machine too… in our business, time is everything.”