Dual-shaft shredder for wood and green waste

The stationary Crambo dircet shreds all types of wood and green waste to a set particle size. Slow-running screws with shredding tools minimize fine particle and noise/dust emissions, and build up resistance to contamination. The particle size is adjustable by simply exchanging screen baskets.

The drive train of the Crambo direct combines the functionality of hydraulic drive with the efficiency of mechanical drive. That means top economy, while retaining all product benefits like overloading protection, reversibility, adaptation to the material etc. A new engine compartment with large doors offers perfect access to all drive components.

mechanical drive electric

Advantages at a glance


Large feed area with aggressive feed with counter-rotating shredding drums


Mechanical drive for top economy and functionality

User friendly
User friendly

Slow-running operation minimises noise and dust emissions

Your choice
Your choice

Variable particle sizes through simple screen basket change

  • Highlights

    Everything possible

    The Crambo is capable of shredding of wood and green waste in all of its various guises. In the generously dimensioned shredding area, two counterrotating shafts measuring 2820mm in length and equipped with cutting tools provide active feed – everything is shredded to a set particle size.

  • Highlights

    Coarse or fine

    The Crambo enables easy adjustment of the degree of shredding. This is achieved by simply exchanging the screen basket (hole size 80-300mm), instantly offering a system with the required shredding action. This is a key benefit since it allows the ideal particle size and type for subsequent processing to be generated.

  • Highlights

    Top drive efficiency

    The stationary Crambo direct has a mechanical drive with automatic load-dependent gear shifting. That means top economy while retaining all functional benefits like overloading protection, reversibility and two shredding speeds.

  • Highlights

    Special applications

    The innovative shredding concept provides a wide range of possibilities. Established applications are the shredding of bio-waste for composting, the shredding of market waste and food/kitchen waste for a anaerobic digestion or the pre-shreddding of roof shingles.


4200 5200 6200
Power (kW) 1x160 1x200 1x280
Shredding unit
Drum drive mechanic mechanic mechanic
Max. Drum rpm (min-1) 1. gear: 19
2. gear: 29
1. gear: 22
2. gear: 33
1. gear: 27
2. gear: 41
Drum length (mm) 2820 2820 2820
Drum diameter (mm) 610 610 610
Weight (~t) 18.2 18.2 18.2
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (t/h) 55 80 120

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